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relaxation cd

Hi guys

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good relaxation cd.......

I have one that i listen to but its just talking through relaxation techniques and although its quite good im looking for something with some talking but also some sounds of nature....wind , rain, birds etc

I Would really appreciate it im so tired but cant get to sleep

Hope your all having a nice weekend

Mandy x

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Hi The British Library sell a CD of waves which I find very soothing and I think you can get wave sounds on Itunes.

Ah i dont even know about itunes my brain goes to mush with things like that.

Thank you

I use this one Mandy, it doesnt have nature sounds but its very relaxing. There are lots with the nature sounds on youtube. Also 'Waterdance' by David Phillips is nice to listen to. :-) x+

I have a CD that I brought back from Oz a long time ago it's called KAKADU by Tony O'Conner, to quote:- Discover the magic that is Kakadu. Hear birdson the billabong, rolling thunder and stunning didgeridoo - all beautifully blended with inspiring orchestra, pan flute and acoustic guitar. It,s so relaxing I think I'll put it on now. You might find it on Ebay, worth looking for. Chris x

'Peaceful Pond' by Dean Everson.. I bought this some years ago from a Chinese Accupuncturist.

Hi Mandy, have you tried a Yoga Nidra CD? There are a number of versions about although I think the basic one from the Satyananda Yoga Centre in London is the best.

A local yoga teacher maybe able to offer you a 1:1 to learn relaxation?

You could also try Camomile Tea before you go to bed, practice good sleep hygiene and then once in bed, simply watch/notice your breathing, the breath in and the breath out, maybe counting the breath in and out?

Or you can try counting back from 200-0. If you make a mistake in the counting you have to begin again :-)

Another trick is to keep your eyes open no matter what!

So hope these tips help....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Certain books help me sleep, like this:

Strongly Correlated Fermions and Bosons in Low-Dimensional Disordered Systems

Editors: Lerner, I.V., Althsuler, B.L., Fal'ko, V.I., Giamarchi, T. (Eds.)

The physics of strongly correlated fermions and bosons in a disordered envi­ ronment and confined geometries is at the focus of intense experimental and theoretical research efforts. Advances in material technology and in low temper­ ature techniques during the last few years led to the discoveries of new physical of atomic gases and a possible metal­ phenomena including Bose condensation insulator transition in two-dimensional high mobility electron structures. Situ­ ations were the electronic system is so dominated by interactions that the old concepts of a Fermi liquid do not necessarily make a good starting point are now routinely achieved. This is particularly true in the theory of low dimensional systems such as carbon nanotubes, or in two dimensional electron gases in high mobility devices where the electrons can form a variety of new structures. In many of these sys­ tems disorder is an unavoidable complication and lead to a host of rich physical phenomena. This has pushed the forefront of fundamental research in condensed matter towards the edge where the interplay between many-body correlations and quantum interference enhanced by disorder has become the key to the understand­ ing of novel phenomena.

Hi, I always used to have trouble sleeping, I find meditation really helps

and I am now practicing mindfulness there's lots of things on these you can

Google. I now sleep around seven hours and try to get up the same times and

stick to going to bed around the same time at night.

I also try the herbal teas during the evenings. Hope this helps. Ann

Hi Mandy,my son is a DJ/music producer,if you send me a list of your favourite tunes I,ll get him to put together a nice relaxing playlist for you.Alternatively I could make up a tape for you of me talking ( I could put anybody to sleep in seconds ) and I,ll even throw in some wind .Keep smiling,David. 🙊

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that is so nice David thanks.:) .... and happy Easter

ha ha ha ha

oh David you are naughty but i like you x x

Hi Mandy,

There's loads of stuff on youtube. Just go to the site and in the search bar enter:

sounds to sleep and relax. Most last around 8 hours and all free. x

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I was looking on there and listening to some... there are so many its hard work going through them x

You could try the BBC Shop as they do all sorts of there and offer free delivery or some Garden Centres sell relaxing CD's of the kind you may like Mandy. Perhaps someone could look for you or order online. Hope you get a good night's rest as it is so important. Thinking of you and wishing you well. xxxx

Oh Sassy i was up till 6 am actually really tired my c02 is up but i just cant get to sleep

i have a cd where they talk you through relaxation its good but the back ground stuff is naff so im trying to find a guided relaxation one with some natural sounds in background ............ive been on youtube there is loads but thats the problem there are too many its going to take me a week and some of the voices of the guides are weird !! :)

Hope your well x x

I do hope you find what you are looking for Mandy and I do wish you rest and peace. We are ok here thanks. Lots of love, Carole xxx

mckeaneer does a good selectiion failing that a good bottle of whiskey works for most people sipped slowly over the evening.

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