The good Doc

The good Doc

He is a good doc from all other experiences and hearsays about him, but having finally got my first lung test results back I had to shorten the appointment because of some doubts. I asked what my fev1 was and he said 52% because 4 months ago it was 83%. He checked the records and said it was 63% then. I don't know where he got that figure from. Anyway, he was obviously looking at the fev1/fvc % to get 52% for fev1

From what I can see my FEV1is now 90% I was surprised by the extent of the hyperinflation of my lungs.

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  • He prescribed a once a day bronchodialator but not sure if I ahould go with his advice with track record to date.

  • Who understands that only a medical person .i go by how I feel not numbers.i think it's a waste of time!

  • Maybe see a real person!!!

  • Well when he said my stats had deteriorated in four months I knew something was rotten in Denmark, as I have been feeling better.

  • It does seem a bit weird Bernard. In quoting the fev/fvc ration, I think he may have been trying to acknowledge a significant problem that you yourself mention, i.e. the hyperinflation which i think would figure in the percentage/ratio of fev/fvc. Your pre and post bronchodilator responses indicate a bit of improvement after taking the bronchodilator.

    If you have found your GP good up til now I wouldn't do anything major to move away from him. In suggesting a bronchodilater he is addressing the hyperinflation problem and my advice would be to try it and see over a few weeks if you find it helpful. Its a first line of treatment so suck it and see :)

    I would kill for results like yours :D

    If you are still concerned, then why not call up the BLF helpline 03000 050 300 and talk it through with them.

  • Love the response o2. Good points. Thanks for going to the trouble. Yes, i'll give the med a try ( cant remember what he prescribed. I left script with pharmacy who has to order it). He said its not cortisone and no real side effects. Not sure if its proper to call BLF as Im an Oz in Oz. BLF here means (or used to) buliders labourers federation.

  • Hi

    Australian Lung Foundation. 1800 654 301

  • Hi

    They have a very interesting monthly news letter.

    Backdated copies are also available to download

  • Carry on getting all the info u need before actually trying anything ,who says we have to trust docs,our own feeling should be able to direct us to the correct med to take and being in Aussie they have different meds to us, think it's better so I've read ,hope u get sorted.

  • I saw a article on plastic coils to open airways in Aussie ,the article could still be around or put in plastic coils in Aussie not UK so things can be different to here. The inhalor sounds good ,open your airway so try it out ,we know if we need another puff it really is if we're inteligent .

  • Hi Bernard,

    Your results are very similar to mine. The hyperinflation your going by Lung Volume readings? My VC was 144% pred and TLC 122% Pred FEV 1 95% The only big difference is your gas transfer which is good, mine is rubbish! The specialist I went to seemed to skip over the gas transfer and went straight to the Lung Volumes he said that was his biggest concern. The other showed that at this point the "mechanics of the airways" were working quite well. Im assuming to have a LFT you went to either a hospital or specialist as GP's only seem to have basic spirometry equipment? Oh and although my FEV1 is 95% pred and should therefore be classed as MILD with the other figures he classed me as moderate. Suz x

  • Thanks for the feedback Suz. Yes test was at hospital outpatients clinic in Lismore. And, yes, we have quite similar results as you say.

  • Thought this was pretty cool Suz.

  • I think its pretty cool to Bernard. Will re read it tomorrow and pass along the link to a few friends. Thanks Suz x

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