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steam inhalers

Hi all, I forgot to add on my previous post a few minutes ago (ain't old age wonderful!!) regarding Spiriva and sinusitis. I meant to ask if anyone knows if it is safe to use steam inhalers perhaps with Olbas oil or similar to help my sinuses only I thought I saw a while back someone mentioned that you should not use steam when you have COPD thought I always thought it was supposed to be good for the lungs.

I also have a humidifier which I use in the summer when the air is dry.

I would like to know if I have it all wrong.


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I have emphysema and steam plays havoc with my breathing.


Hi Stone

That is interesting so maybe I did read something about it though I don't know what type of COPD I have if that makes a difference. I will have to investigate further.

Thanks for your prompt reply


I'm in same position as you told I had mild COPD, but even symbicourt 200 is not helping any more I have been on that 6 months I would really hate to see severe COPD, I have not been able to go out for 3 days I have tried but have had to turn back, does anyone think its time to see a consultant? Annette


Hi I would see some one. I was told last Nov. I had mod copd had a bad time two months ago thought it was just the condition but seen doc got sorted then felt daft for not going sooner.x


I have problems with my sinuses and steam my face daily which does help. Don't use anything in it just boiling water with a towel over my head. MY GP also recommended I did it. Good for breaking up the mucus too. Going of the NHS advise it is not recommended cos of the danger of burning and not proven to work. MyGPwas astonished when I told him I had read that. I know it helps me, hope it does for you. Joyce


Look up Cisca Salt pipe. Been fantastic for me. Great for sinus problems.


I did try a salt pipe once, but then I read definitely not recommended if you cough blood at times, so its not for me.


I have brittle Asthma among other health problems and put a few drops of Olibas oil on my pillows at night as soon as I get any sniffles. It works wonders for me. Sooty don't know about the steam cause too much steam gives me an asthma attack.


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