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many of you will remember i had a sputum sample taken 3 weeks ago to day.

during that time got all excuses from receptionist, then told to phone the nurse between 1,30 - 2 pm tuesday or thursday, got so many excuses from the nurse, the post would be too long.

g,p phoned me today.. sample lost !!

if you check back my posts a a year ago, sputum sample taken - lost !!

i will sum it it up like this,,,,,

"A general Practitioner is a doctor who keeps knowing less and less about more and more areas until he/she knows nothing about everything,"

"A specialist on the other hand , knows more and more about less and less until he/she knows everything about nothing" ? ? :)

please excuse me the last few days, im keeping ok, but have a lot on my mind at the moment, and busy with important paper work etc [something i'm not good at :) :) ]

However, hopefully normal service will be resumed very soon :) :)

love to all jimmy xxx :)

[kisses to the woman :) and a hiya to the men :) ]

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xxxxxxxxxxxx back to you jimmy :D and boy am I sorry to hear about your sputum being lost - unforgivable - what are they gonna do about it - will you try again because you do need to know whats occurring (nag over for now).

eyes xxxx


hi eyes, many thanks, i hope you are well. dont worry about the nagging im used to it now :D, and i know its for my own good, xxx

it is really quite forgivable, giving me the runaround for about a fortnight, at time which i could have done well without,

the g.p asked me how i was, my exact words were "struggling along :) " [to try make her feel guilty :) didnt work!! :) ]

"oh well if you feel you need another sample sent!!!! [ a real head scratcher that one :) ] just send one up ,, "just!!" :)

i said "id be better sending a messenger pigeon " think that one worked!! :)

she said "no i,ll make sure it is sent " i wonder if that meant the last one wasnt scent !! ? :)

the first time i could accept, anyone can make a mistake,, but a second time , a bit off, to say the least.

never mind eyes i'm ok :) , just very busy, doing piles of paper work etc. i thought i would just vent my feelings here, so i do feel better after that :)

lots of love jimmy xxx :)


'e' Jimmy I would not pay most of them in washers - it does sound like they did not send it - oh and I hate paperwork :X

take care

love eyes xxxxx


Sorry to hear that you are snowed under with the paperwork. I had that last week. Like you, I hate it. Good to see that you will be returning to your normal service soon. I for one will be looking forward to seeing that.

Regards Rib


hi rib,

hope things are going ok for you,

No, im not a lover of paperwork, however getting there, slow but sure.

once i get cleared up etc and have more time,, will be back aboard

all the very best rib,, jimmy :)


Lots of kisses back to you jimmy and sorry to hear of your lost sputum. Pete has not had the results of his sample yet as he got fed up with ringing. He has a GP appointment next Monday so will ask then. It can't have been that urgent then unless of course they have lost it! Maybe it's catching!

Lots of love to you and good luck with all the paperwork. xxxxxx :)


hi sassy, many thanks for your kind post, xxx

if i remember right, there wasn't much difference in days pete and myself done these sputum tests. it is a bit of a bind phoning all the time, however lets hope pete has more luck than me :) and lets hope it turns out ok.

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

p.s getting through this paper work, one step forward, two steps back :) i have to wait on return letters , before filling in more :) never mind we'll get there eventually :)


Take care jimmy. Wishing you well. xxx :)


:) xx thanks sassy take care jimmy xx :)


kisses to you too x x x and i love the way you summed it up x x x

It dosnt give much confidence in the gp service when they cant get the basics right x


hi mandy,xx

Yes your right, :) it doesn't give you a lot of confidence at all !!.

think i summed it up about right :D

hope your keeping ok mandy,

lots of love jimmy xxx :)


Im just plodding along

I loved your summing up its unfortunately spot on did you make that up or something you saw


much like me mandy :)

i remembered that from, some time ago, but not sure if i got the wording right,, i think most will get the gist anyway :)

love jimmy xxx :)


Never entirely sure how samples of anything can simply be 'lost'


exactly!! vashti , quite ironic isn't it, especially for a second time !!

It has to be somewhere, and someone should know about it, it was 100pc handed into surgery, 8.30 am,tuesday [3 weeks tomorrow] in a sample tub, sealed in a prefilled special envelope, with prefilled printed stickers on it, name d.o.b. and nhs number !!!

however too busy to worry over it now, i will get one to the surgery, if need be,,,, and this time !!! well !!!

lots of love vashti jimmy xxx :)


P'raps someone had it for lunch if it got in the wrong fridge Jimmy - Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Jimmy,

Absolutely not good enough! I can understand your frustration. Shame on them. As you say everyone is entitled to one mistake (though not really when someones well being is at stake) but to do it to the same patient many other patients has this happened to or is it just your sample that gets lost? As for the paper work I'm glad its you and not me. I so hate it! Hugs Suz xx


hi suz, it really is not good enough especially twice, at least i have spoken my mind to them , but how many other patients could this have happened to, without their knowledge,, aye makes you wonder

love jimmy still busy :) xxx :)


That's unbelievable Jimmy love,I caught your kiss by the way,you take good care of yourself,& don't overdo it,with the paper work!

Love & xxxback to you xxx


it is wendells,, good job you caught that kiss :) thought id just sneak it in lol :)

hope things are ok with you, im doing ok thanks, still busy

love xxxxx :D jimmy xxxx :D xxx :)


That's just unbelievable Jimmy and so frustrating, lets home they get it sorted and soon. Kisses back at you. :-) xxx


hi lyn ,, were all going well with the kisses :)

it is very frustrating though lyn , especially at this time

kisses back to you too :) xxxx love jimmy xxx :)

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A nice to hear from you Jimmy. Mistakes do seem to be happening more. I have two family members, both cancer sufferers who have not received follow up appointment after surgery and after chasing up with there GPs found their notes were missing. One had to have a further op on his face to remove another cancer which had been growing fast. I don't like to knock the NHS but the admin side seems to be where a lot of problems lie. Surely when sending a sample off for testing there should be an alert sounded if resultshave not been received by a pre set date by your GP. Whenever I have phoned for results

I have been told the tests must be clear or I would have been advised. Hope you get sorted soon



hi joyce, nice to hear from you, i agree with you, i don't like knocking the nhs,, but,, i also agree more mistakes are being made of late. i also think its the admin side making mistakes then the g.p must take the blame [the old saying "the buck stops here " ] but as you say, whoever makes mistakes in the nhs can effect lives. no one is perfect, but you would think there would be rigorous procedures that would needed to be adhered too,

,A G.P came here about 3-4 weeks ago, obviously left a few sheets of paper on my chair, among other papers of my own, two or three days later, with tom dick and harry been in my house, i noticed these sheets,, they were my medical history!!,,, in detail. some going back to 1974..." significant p.m.h". "last 12 home telephone consultations", "currant repeat masters", "Acutes in the last 3 months," etc etc, although it made a good read :) anyone could have picked this up as i often have different carers each morning. and folks popping in.

i do think though , this was a young, new g.p., and like many g.p,s nowadays have a heavy laden work load.

far too easy to make mistakes,, but mistakes can cost lives.

thanks for your input joyce hope you are well

love jimmy xxx :)


Kisses back to you Jimmy - have had similar experiences with various tests done via my GP (even had a call from the GP herself once asking if I had been for the test, after I had called many times asking if they had yet received the results!!!!) xx


xxxx back to you dedalus :D my were doing well here :D

seriously though, its sometimes enough to make you weep.

thanks for your input dedalus ,, love jimmy xxx :)


Hello Jimmy, I know you are smothered in kisses already but here's lots more!!!!! Huff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:D


oh my god more kisses,, :D :D

thanks so much huffer

love jimmy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxx beat you :D xx :) [thanks huff ]


I would sum it up like this Jimmy - change your Doctor! There's no way I would put up with that. Your GP is a public servant and gets paid very well for it. His duty is to you, so go tell him to "Do one" and find someone who is doing their job properly! Take care. XXX :-)


i should really nikky , but to be honest this g,p is better than the one i had before for 60 years :D shows you what he was like :D

but you are right in what you say,, too many mistakes of late, but most g.p,s are dedicated and i would have thought ? do their best

love jimmy xxx :) need to limit those kisses,, fingers sore :D xxx :)


They're complaining there aren't enough GP's - that's because they're earning so much they only work part-time for tax reasons but you try getting a house-call, in my area at least, they'll tell you to go to A&E if you're too ill to stagger to the surgery - then they complain about bed-blocking!! Bear up Jimmy, send them another lot and keep everything crossed. Thank you for the kisses - can't remember the last time.....................ah, yes, got in trouble then too!


You're supposed to X with your lips - if my memory serves? :-D XX


I'm not surprised at this Jimmy. I remember this happening with my Dads' samples a few times. Hope you get sorted x


yes lotsof questions,, really not good enough,,, you can be sure if i have another sputum sample taken,,,,,,,,,,,i will get a result!!

thanks l/o/q jimmy xxx :)


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