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chilaiditi syndrome

I had been suffering with terrible stomach ache having to sit on loo all night vomiting goes on for two or 3 days spent a week in hospital with it but nobody knew what it was untill x ray for lungs showed colon looped and up high between right hemidiaphragm and liver it turns out it's chiliditi syndrome and it can be cause by chronic lung disease so i imagine thats why i have it waiting for appointment to see consultant but have afeeling it's going to be a very long wait as in ireland there are people who have been waiting 3 years for some appointments.

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How come you didn't see someone while you were in the hospital ? It's pretty difficult to get into hospital here but usually once you are in they perform all necessary tests and assign you to a consultant who will see you while you're there. Outpatient appointments are very difficult to get. If you are prepared to pay the price for a private consultation you could do that and get a quick appointment, then go back into the public health system again. I paid €180, 2.5 years ago to see the consultant I'm currently seeing. After that I saw him at his clinic in the hospital every few months. Now I still use the clinic but if I'm in difficulties in between appointments, I can see him in his rooms for €100. Considering a GP visit here costs €60, the consultant price seems reasonable. The first appointment is always more expensive. It's something to consider as a way of getting into the system. I read your post yesterday about the lung fibrosis and you realky do need to get some proper medical attention. What's your nearest hospital ?


our G.P. has written to hospital to speed things up for my colon problem and i'm seeing lung consultant in cavan hospital in may


That's good news !


OUCH. My sympathies as I have an occasional bout of similar symptoms couple times a month, usually overnight. Don't know how you cope. Hope it is treated very soon. xx


thank you


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