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Morning pals, its really pouring down here and has been for a while, but the nice man on the news said its dry down here in Devon so I have no idea where I am, as I was here when I went to bed so I must be sleep walking, so if you see me please take me home to dry Devon.

Two fair haired ladies could not decide where to have a picnic, it was either by a tree or in the middle of the road. In the end they choice the middle of the road. A large lorry had to swerve to miss them and crashed into the tree. One of the ladies said "It was a good job we didn't choice the tree". ;)

One of the ladies was found in the super market staring at cartons of orange juice, because it said concentrate.

That's all today folks , I will be late at times over the next few days or so as I have to go for scans and blood test, ECG and all those silly things, but will be here when time allows. Stay happy and spread those smiles xxx Fred ;) :)

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Enjoyed those Fred. Good luck over the next few days. Will keep you in my thoughts. xxx

Thanks Suzy its some routine check ups and other to ensure I am fit for the next cancer procedures Happy days xxx ;)

am I getting sillier or are you getting funnier, a bit of each I think. A good laugh, wherever you are. We had an aunt who lived in Sussex and she became a bit confused in her old age. she used to ring us up and say it's twelve o'clock here, what time it is where you are? We were in Hertfordshire then.

Hope all goes well with the tests, check ups etc. Love Iris x

Morning Iris yes a bit of both I expect love, I just have those silly moments, I had a laugh at your Aunts comment which maybe I shouldn't. By the way what was the time difference between you and her lol xxx Fred ;)

Morning Fred! These weathermen guess ! Thats my opinion. Hope all goes well with the tests, look after yourself. Lots of love TAD xxx

Good luck with your tests Fred and thanks for the morning laugh


cora you are most welcome we have to stay a happy group x :)

Good morning Fred, Big smiles today thanks. :-) :-)

Cold and windy here but with some sunshine. Got to take hubby's CPAP for a service today, think I will get a taxi.

I will be thinking of you over the next few days, hope all goes well.

polly xx

Thanks polly some visits are quickies and others take a bit longer, not in till the 25th for the big sleep lol xxxxx :)

So sooooo funny Fred, had a good giggle over those. lol

Good morning to you...sunny here then cloudy, then it tries to snow...a bit of all sorts today...ooh also blowing gales. lol :-) xxx

I just love your giggles how you manage to stay holding your head up all day is a wonder ;) we are getting the same weather here as you are in Wales, I think that March thinks its April ;) Stay safe and happy. xxx :) Fred

Morning Fred, you can't be late, how will we know what the time is? :O Bright here but cloudy and looks like it might rain later :( x

When I am going to the hospital I can give you an early call, I will yell through the letter flap wakey w a k eee y, ok who was the man who had that as his show call ? :)

Oh Fred. Billy Cotton, Sunday afternoon? After or before Life with the Lyons/lions?

Suzy you win the prize for the correct answer and also the added bit of Life with the Lyons I used to love those shows on the radio. xxx ;)

Well Fred my excuse is I am not as old as you! :) x

It's the weatherman's turn to joke today Fred!

Well he seems have got it right the joke really is on us, as just can not decide what to wear. xx :)

Nice day here Fred but a chilly old wind blowing. Stay well and dry and thanks for all the great humour to cheer us all. Keep smiling. xxxx :)

Good luck to you over the next few days. We are off to the Brompton tomorrow to see the cardio sarc doc so fingers crossed. Wheelchair at the ready! xxxxx

Good luck sassy. My fingers crossed. Sorry Fred just had to wish sassy luck.

Thank you so much Suzy. So kind of you. Take care. xxxxx

Cheers sassy lady and the best of luck to you as well for you both tomorrow, has the wheelchair got go faster stripes on the sides ? xxx:)

No, Fred but I have as I have to do the pushing! Well, our daughter will help with that too. Take care xxxx

Wishing you all the very best with your tests and scans Fred :-) xxx

Thanks Lyn will be getting ready for the first appointment shortly, good to see your face first thing, with that lovely smile. Have a good day xxxFred ;)

Morning Fred, Hope by now you are back in your beautiful Devon. As usual very funny jokes, do hope all test go well,always a bit stressful. Best wishes, Bulpit

What a good thing you didn't go to sleep here in Kingsteignton, rain, high winds and guess what hail that turned to sleet !! Love your morning chuckles, I catch up with them all once a week.Hope all went well for you.

a next morning good morning fred :), i've been behind with everything of late, in fact i'm all behind [i was told off for that saying that about a woman :D]

waiting on my carer any minute now , hope your ok.

weather up here , heavy snow yesterday, snow lying this morning but bright blue skies but frrrreezing :D

all the very best fred,,, jimmy :)

Jimmy we have to be careful with what we say, as it seems women know what we are going to say even before we do. Cheers pal ;)

Aww lad you seem to be going through the mill and I'm sure you must feel cr-- at times ,But you are a wee star for sending your jokes all the while, such a positive man, Thank you xx

Your dead right cr*p is the word at times, but don't we all, but with all you lovely ladies for me to flirt with and a family of my own as well life is wonderful ;) xx Fred

holly17 hey, when you come back from thsoe tests, ti will be Spring in Devon! Yes, yes yes! :-)

Your dead right pal Spring has sprung ;)

I can only reply by :-)

It's coming soon enough! Cheers, Mic

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