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Worried one

Good morning, everyone, please I need a help, I have a question to ask! I had a bronchopneumonia, on April 2013.i had it almost a year before treatment, and it took me 4 months the lungs to clear up the infection, but question is how long does it take to get fully recover, because since today I still feel some pains on my chest like wounds, I went three different hospitals, the put me on X ray, all results come negative, even blood tests , it comes negative, the doctors says I don't have sign of disease, the temperature, is normal, but I still feel I have some wounds on my chest..anyone have an idea please

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im afraid i cant help directly, sakhamuzi. do you come under the nhs ?

it seems a long time since april 2013, and really should be cleared up by now, although it does take a long time, i had the same, roughly about the same time, in my own view entirely i often think this has done me internal damage, i,e more lung damage. i wonder if you would phone the blf [british lung foundation] they might have more advice or information.

i am sorry to hear your still having these pains in your chest, have you had a cardiogram ? just to make sure its nothing to do with the heart.

you might get better advice from others, meanwhile i hope you get these pains diagnosed and put right

kindest regards jimmy


Thank you so much , I will try to call them..


One of the biggest problem with a long term problem that you can have all sorts of things come out in sympathy. If your lungs were not performing the body will counter the breathing action by using the chest shoulders etc. to help you breath. This in turn can use muscles in a way they were not used to which in turn can ache/pain.

Does it hurt on deep breaths?

Does it hurt in the same place all the time?

But if it is persistent it would be best to see a doctor it may be unrelated?

Be well

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Thank you, it doesn't hurt every time when I breath but sometimes when I breath the pains start from my chest comes to back , when it started I can feel ache/pain on my shoulder, it last for few minutes..I have done several test , different clinics, all the test comes out negative, even the blood test comes out negative, the temperature it's always normal, and the blood pressure. .


shoulder pain is common with lung problems as you use the shoulder to help you breath try and breath from the diaphragm/stomach


I sympathise, I felt the same & it took months to overcome the after effects of several pneumonias. It was often one step forward two back.

I can only suggest you do everything in your power to take every supplement you can to rebuild your immune system - I wish I'd known the what I know now.

The only chest pain I get is a patch in front, lower right lung but it's a plural cavity pain.

Good luck.


Thank you very much


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