10 priorities for mesothelioma research

Over the last year, we’ve been trying to find the most important research priorities for mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer – and now I can share with you our top 10 unanswered questions, as well as what we intend to do with them.

You can read Ian's blog post here: blog.blf.org.uk/2015/02/10-...

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  • Am quite inpressed as to be said is very comprehensive and covers everything

    Am sure given such comprehensive list a cure would not be that far behind.

    Yer thats what i forgot this not much on misdiagnosis maily effusions

    What i have discoverd is gp's doctors dont really ask you or want to know about your work history .. quite incidental

    Take me for example am doing STORY on Foundries yep old steel works WHY becouse my grandad diead of emphysema when he was 42 and i worked in one when i industrial cleaner.

    As part of my research i was shocked to fined foundry sand is 100% silaca with asbestos binder taconite .. classed as airbourn thrilling one could say BUT like most think days of foundriers are world dickings times away.


    You would be so wrong as Portlant cement is wast product from foundries

    Adressing causes is in my opinion as as good as cure

    Great post

  • rayandmave.wordpress.com/20...,, touching story of a couples fight with meso,,

  • Thats great news .. be better when everyone can have access to the drug

  • rayandmave.wordpress.com/20... page from the diary ,, and still fighting meso,,

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