COPD and dentist

I'm a COPD sufferer for quite a few years now, at the moment I m suffering with my teeth, but am to scared to go to the dentist as I have always been put out to have work done, now I'm told I can no longer be sedated. the thought of going to the dentist is petrifying, any ideas to get over this would be of help. its the thought of the injections and the crunch sound in my mouth that's the problem

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  • My son uses headphones they seem to distract him - but you must go! Another option could be hypnotherapy to help you relax - or even visit your GP and ask if he can give you some medication to help you. The best of luck xxx

  • Hello Joyce, how bad is your copd? I've had three operations since being diagnosed with severe emphysema, so perhaps a chat with the doctor and they might be able to give you dental treatment in hospital.

    Try not to get too anxious as it will make your breathing worse. I was recently at the dentist, injections were okay not bad at all had fillings and tooth pulled out didn't feel a thing!sometimes the 'thought' is worse than getting it done, also they will stop if you feel you cant go ahead with the treatment you need, let us know how you get on, hugs huff xxx

  • Thats sedation not an option for me now. But always had this at previous visits to dentist. And while is it that most dentist are upstairs as I cant do stairs either . Thanks for your reply

  • Hi Joyce I emphasise as I hate that too at the dentists. Some dentists now offer the 'wand' which is an analgesic which they rub on to the gums first so you don't feel the injections. It does work coz I had that done last time. Your other alternative is to go to a dental hospital who are allowed to sedate you, but this could take time or organise. x

  • Not allowed sedation as they have a job to wake me. Last time spent 5 days in ICU after an opp . Thanks for your reply

  • Hi Joyce They can now give you an injection that you don't feel anthing or remember anything.....just like being sedated but your not your awake...believe me it works I'm terrified of dentist had this done for a filling and extraction don't remember a thing....have to ask your Dr to refer you to a NHS Dentist who deals with special needs, best of luck Pegxx

  • I know what you mean I had a fear of dentists and only would go if they put me out . but i cannot have theta now myself and as long as the music is loud it takes it away a bit.

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