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Went and seen GP today and the not quite Grasp seriousness of Virus on Dieased Lung Suffer

As any lung suffer on antibiotics will know we take antibiotics for WHAT the fun of of or could ot be to nurslise left over chunk's of pneumone bacteria nacrosis

Or do we take em for the fun of it which Some GP's must seem to think.

Well i went doc's over this virus and effects its havig on me and my health.

I told doc my antibiotics are not working and i need em uping or new ones as av been feverish and ill and can feel it moving to my chest also i sore neck from coughing and shakes.

Not like am a GP but every virus i have had as turnd or trigerd a bactrial lung infection that as been very nasty.

A dont know what my doctors are thinking BUT would help to read my notes as they will see i have immunty issues and simple virus can be very serioues if your immunty is bushed or working overtime.

The plus side with a virurs i no longer suffer cold intolarance BuT my do said shaking is Anxiety like really.


Also on listerng to my chest he noted whistling sounds and crackling and said he could hear it top of my chest.

Now my lung doc specialist as writen to my GPs and told them 100 times given my condition a simple virus can be very serious as i dont have much lung matrial left and its doubtful ad survive pneumonea again.


Must been excited at the boneus for doing governments dirty work and in is excitmeant totaly forgot about virus infection's bacterial lung infection and antibiotic resistance

Looks like the be getting other letter of my lung doc eh

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Is it just me - I don't have any medical training but I understood that anti - biotics don't work on a virus .

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Hi Heen08 Hope this link helps you undestand macanisams

Not a lot of people know Bronchitiasss is or used to be called chronic lung spesis bronchal sepsis even unchecked pneumonia


Also this is good read to


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Thanks for the link D3nis - can see now how the link between Viral & Bacterial . It was just that my husband had an exacerbation last month ( he has IPH ) & had to resort to his Rescue Meds - high dose Prednisolone plus Amoxicyllin & Clarithromycin .This avoided a visit to the GP but a couple of weeks later during a routine check up the Dr felt that Mike had had a Viral infection so , although no harm done taking the meds , he would probably have recovered without them . It's just that we get a bit paranoid about avoiding Hospital as each admittance affects Travel Insurance to visit our son in Connecticut so felt it best to take them . Had we known it was a Viral Infection he probably wouldn't have used them this time .

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They don't helen, but sometimes ABs are given as a prophylactic so that a secondary infection doesn't develop during a virus.

Dazie hope your on the menn soon, it's hard work being poorly, take good care of you x x

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Cheers Medow like a sneeze is better out than in ;)

Cheers thanks

Well you would know what geting if had it before and know when starting to get it agane more then the doctor

What's the difference between god and a doctor? Well, for a start god doesn't think he's a doctor...

Keep fighting Daz

Hi Daz, your doctor should know how things are with you by now don't you think! Pete has had this awful virus, and it sounds like you have too, and has resorted to his rescue meds to ward off any bacterial infection but he is still choking and bringing up thick mucus. He may need further antibiotics but this is not a problem. You just always seem to have to fight for everything but don't give up. One day they may just listen to you.

Take care and wishing you well. xxx

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