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Gawd Knows Infections Antibiotic Resistance Dodgy Little Toe To Boot


Just when you think things can't get any worse They go and show you the can.

Well have been taking my maintenace antibiotics steriode inhaler hypertonic sailine and like good little lung diease suffer and BOOM a get that Funky Shh thats doing rounds.

Lit nocked me of my feet not just ill but a hospital ill

Not that a went hospital or out but its like a grading scale ;)

Started out with chest pain THOUGHT it was my heart BUT pain stoped when i breathed in but then i got gut pain then sore throat dizziness lightheaded then mucus sinus water works

Used 3/4 of kicken roll in day half luckly am shifting it viscosaty ad say like engine oil semi synthetic runing clear

Not like a feel any better ... So i decided to have a nap

And thats when my little toe started LIT killing me burning pain

Was enough to wake me up ... a thought GAWD my toes turned black so pulled my sock off expecting to see a black mess and even thoughts of sepsis given tremmors but all looked ok bit read but no swelling

As any other members experianced that wile sleeping with the toes or what it could be

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feel for you d3nis,, feel much the same,,, carer just in must go,, hope things improve jimmy

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Hi Jimmyw123 Cheers yer am having quite a time of late thanks for best wishes an hope you start feeling better soon

Hope you feel better soon,I don't why people take so much anti b n steroid

James48 in reply to Colours23

Hi, interesting your comment why people take so much anti biotics and steroids - can you enlarge on that? :)

stillmovin in reply to James48

Hi there Colours23, I saw your reply about antibiotics etc, & I guess people take all these things in good faith from someone who is supposedly a well-meaning doctor or specialist. We all have been in that boat at some time. I agree that they are often a hindrance in the long term but sometimes our symptoms are overbearing and we are really quite desperate. I hope I don't have to take long-term steroids or anti-biotics for COPD or bronchiectasis but who is to say that I will not reach that stage where there is no alternative? Exercise, diet, walks, relaxation are all helpful too, but this is a condition that is progressive and powerful. Poor D3NI3 above has been hit with several problems at once and is starting to feel extremely vulnerable - it's a human reaction! stillmovin1

Colours23 in reply to stillmovin

I need to educate myself a lot more and I need to find somone to talk to and ask lots of questions ,sorry if I seemed ignorant.

stillmovin in reply to Colours23

No need to say sorry Colours I need to educate myself too! I haven't a clue what is happening in my own case for example. God bless xx stillmovin1

rubyred777 in reply to Colours23

I tend to agree with colours.It would seem if your using something so much, will it work when you really need it? Or will your body be so used to it , it doesn't do anything.maybe I'm wrong .It just don't make sense to use something so bad for you so much.

Rubyxx 😊

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Hi Rubyred777 Cheers is a case of needing them ... Am shocked myself antibiotics have not stoped infection

But doctors told me this should happen and I would go on previous or others.

As in my case I need them permanate as my doc's have said I won't survive other dose of pneumonia as I don't have enough lung material left

How that works with nearly normal lung function is anyone's guess .. think that's why infections floor me

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Hi Colours23 Cheers defo takes wind out of ya sail ... As to antibiotics steroids I often wonder how I got to be in this situation to ... But have my x employment history to thank for it

As with most on here is not a choose it's more needs must as am sure like myself lot would prefer not to see steroids antibiotics ever again

I'm with Sirjames on this one. colours23 -not sure what you mean about the antibiotics & steroids people take . My husband takes Prednisolone daily & higher dose + two different antibiotics if he has an exacerbation - if he didn't take them I wouldn't want to speculate as to what would happen . Admittedly it is all trial & error as so little is known about his very rare Lung condition but it is working at present for which we are profoundly thankful .

Hi Daz, not sure what the toe could be but definitely keep an eye on it. I do feel for you with the horrible thing that is going around. Pete and I both still have it but are on the mend, albeit very slowly in Pete's case. We are off to drop a sputum sample at the doctors to see if it throws up anything. Thank goodness for the ab's and steroids or Pete would suffer even more so.

I do wish you well and don't be afraid to call anyone out, doctor, ambulance anything.

Take care xxxxx

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Hi Sassy59 Cheers glad you and Pete are getting over it ... Is horrid as to foot is a pain could be me psoriasis gout or atrophy of some thing .. currently am under my lung doc who as told me if it's not lungs is not interested nice eh

So far am under him for lung podiatry then neurologist and dermatologist all over immunity issues related to lung disease and rank asbestos

Don't think this anyone else I could see

sassy59 in reply to Hidden

Don't you just love some members of the medical profession! Take care xx

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Agree with you there generally I give it em back these days life to short to be railroaded

Hi Daz I don't know about the toethingy it sounds painful,perhaps it's to do with circulation? Sorry you are feeling poorly, there's a lot of colds etc., going around, I had one recently and the old breathing has been bad since its so frustrating!!! Feel better soon, hugs huff xxx

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Hi Hufferpuffer Cheers thanks for well wishes glad ya getting over one to are grim ... a was having nice nap and could not believe pain in toe

Might be something to do with atrophy tremors a think was reading asbestos toxins can disrupt signals to limbs and given material I have been coughing up looks possible

Hope you get to the bottom of this and feel better soon buddy!D.

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Hi FarmerD ya just get use to how Shhhh you feel ... Then a hole new level of feel Shhh happens

Grounds you down ... am just lucky really I do forget stuff

Hope you feel better soon. The flu maybe?

You got some odd symptons. The toe, I dunno.Feel better

Rubyxx 😊

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Hi Cheers Rubyred777

Cheers thanks hiya DN3IS, hears one possible on the toe problem , but theres a bit doin the rounds on colds, hot cold feverish chills, I would keep up with any medication you have and see your doc ,or ring them out as I don't think with sound of your post your in any state to go yourself, hope it gets sorted soon , but don't stop takin any prescribed medication without consultin your dc , perhaps the medication is helpin one thing to remain stable as it should its the other now you need sortin,

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Hi ItsBAme Cheers thanks for link yer was reading bout gout a think it's more to do with tremors or psoriasis toe stuff

But yer your right about meds talking to doc's it's just am there every week and it's not geting any better or resolved

Thanks for link comment hope you is al well


itsBAme in reply to Hidden hears a link on gout, but in fairness id see yer doc asap to get it sorted ,,

itsBAme in reply to Hidden if you get a few minutes have a read through this link,,, its a bit long so hang in there readin it ,

That toe sounds like gout to me, not infection at all.

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Hi Notlocal cheers was reading about gout would agree sounds like it ... But I only thought only drinkers suffered that

Think when I see nurolagest he will be able to clear few issues up

Cheers thanks

D3NIS Oh dear, this is alarming. haven't you rang the doctor? This is more than we can do here. You need an examination fo allthis and treatment started asap!

I really feel for you and also of the urgency. don't waste time sleeping over it, get help!

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Hi Helingmic cheers thanks for ya concern yer I have been worse than this of late but all helps to grind you down

Am at doc's every week truly is a joke with em all .... Asked em last week to up or change my antibiotics as new was geting infection yet they say sats are ok and no we carn't

Think us suffers are more experts than gp's when it comes to geting infections yet as usual us who do suffering not them

Am hoping neurologist is going to be able to help explain treat few things as there into auto immune issues

helingmic in reply to Hidden

I have an autoimmune disease since 2003 (Neutropenia = lack of white blookd cells, making me vulnerable to any infection). I thought the autoimmune illness would be taken care of by blood consultant (haematologist) not the neurologist! You ouhght to question this (gently and tactfully) erhapos to guide him to say: "Ah yes, I thought of that!" OH I hope you get the right person with some insight and understanding. Take care and say what you mean to those docs; after all you have asmuch say as the docs have, because you experience all this. Don't let them fob you off; don't let them say that you imagine all this. if necessary, ask for a second opinion. Take care.

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Hi Helingmic Sorry to hear read about ya immunty issues

A do try to direct doc's but its them us issue and they no best

Yer was Nuroligest refferd me to lung doc when my gp just said i was suffer anaxerty

Is shocking how you have to go threw process rely on good docs to do the job proper

Am geting there tho a think

Cheers thanks

helingmic in reply to Hidden

Stand firm D, it's your body! (not theirs!)

Poor you. You seem to get one scary thing after another Daz.

Hope things get better for you after such a tough winter. Take care. Sara x

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Hi Butter-fly Cheers think quite a few of us have tough winters. Ya just get use to way off feeling being ill given our disease

Than it all changes and we have to get use to new mind set

The diease I get it's just the ill ... A don't think ever gets easy

Cheers thanks for reply comment

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