Bit of a fright

I haven't been here for a while, sorry. I was admitted to hospital on the 22nd of January. I was very unwell. Initially iv antibiotics seemed to be helping but then things went pear shaped and I developed an itu. I deteriorated further and went into respiratory distress. I remember snippets of what was happening. My family were amazing. It seemed suddenly that a consultant, not my own, but one I know well, sat at my bed side and told me that they have been using a lot of expensive drugs on me without success. She then said if they put me on life support I would never come off it. It was only then I was aware how ill I was.

Thankfully the wonderful team that look after me in the ward took over and put me on the HI-flow oxygen machine and I gradually improved. Unfortunately a few days I had a heart attack. Thankfully it was a massive one.

I am home now, very delicate and in a lot of pain. The worst thing I feel I am a burden to the nhs, thanks to that one particular con.

Thanks for listening.

Take care

M x

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  • So sorry you have been so Ill hope you feel better soon ,as for feeling a burden on the NHS forget that. I sometimes feel I am but we cannot help been ill

    You take care Mocarey

    Dorothy xxx

  • Oh M don't ever, ever, go down that route. You deserve the best treatment you can get. OK maybe it is expensive, we have all paid into our health care during our working life. Some of us are still paying via our Taxes. Thank goodness they didn't all think like him. Take what you need but don't abuse it is my rule to go by. A few years ago a GP gave me a prescription with the words it is very expensive. My answer do I need it if not don't give it to me. He answered yes so I took it and said we were told in 1948 if we paid NI we would have our health needs taken care of from the cradle to the grave. No answer from him.

    I have cost much in the last four months, 3 xrays, 1 ct scan, 1 petscan, i biopsy, 6 appts. with my Consultant, plus AB's, steroids, but I don't feel guilty nor should you.

    Please don't dwell on it, it will impede your recovery and we all missed you and want you here for for a long time yet you give others so much support.

    Blimey huggs watch out!! This for me is a long post.

    Keep improving M. xxx

  • you are most deff NOT a burden - you, me and everyone else have contributed to it in one form or another - you get your monies worth and I hope you start to feel a bit better soon xxxx

  • Thank you Eyes. M x

  • That's disgraceful Mo. To say that was so cruel, I wonder can s/he sleep at night with the knowledge of having severely frightened a very sick and vulnerable patient. Hope you have some help at home and that you will get stronger again soon.

  • Thank you Argana. I have my husband at home. M x

  • Dearest mocary, I think that was a totally inappropriate thing to say to you, as has already been said we've all paid in, so others can get the care they need, cradle to the grave, people are not commodities with a price on their heads, I wish you well soon, and peace, put the comments about cost out of your mind. X x x x

  • Thank you Medow. I appreciate your advice. M xx

  • Glad you are home again with your family Mocarey after your very frightening experience. Now you can slowly build yourself up again and get back to your old self.

    I had a similar experience and I think the consultant was hoping I ask for a DNR. Like you thank heaven for the resus team. And like you I was aware of the great costs (although not said to my face) and did feel guilty. Then I though of all the money I'd paid in all my life, (and still do), the money all my family have paid in and how little we used the NHS. Yet people who have never paid a penny have access to all treatments too, and of course should. But the only thing I'm guilty of is getting older. Should I feel guilty about getting old and/or costing money??? Food for though??

    Send all my best wishes to you Mocarey and hope you get your old sparkle back soon. Sara xx

  • Thank you Sara. M x

  • Bless you, you've been through so much. Glad you're feeling well enough to post now. Wishing you a speedy recovery. :-) x

  • thank you jolyn M x

  • Hi Mocarey what a terrible frightening experience for you and your family. I do wish you a speedy recovery and hope things improve very soon. You are not a burden to the nhs. They are there to help and that is what they did thank goodness. Take it easy and get well soon. Bless you. xxxxx

  • Thank you so much Sassy. M x

  • How awful for you Mocarey and I am glad you are back home now. Don't worry about the expensive drugs. The principle of the NHS on inception was from those who can afford it to those who need it. You needed it end of story. x

  • thank you coughalot. M x

  • " Unfortunately a few days I had a heart attack. Thankfully it was a massive one."

    I take it you meant it WASN'T a massive one!

    What's the expense got to do with your health? Get well soon.

  • Sorry for the mistake. yes i did mean not a massive one..M x

  • Mocarey I join with the others in wishing you well..such an AWFUL shock for you, it can be frightening when you suddenly are aware of just how ill you are.

    Well you came through it all, and that's whats must have a very good spirit to live inside you.

    Don't worry about what that consultant said, they were probably having an 'off ' day and not realising what the affect that their words could have.. You Mocarey are very precious and deserve the very best of care when you need it, irrespective of cost...

    Take good care of yourself now and gently nurse yourself back to good health

    Love Sohara

  • Dear Sohara what a lovely post. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.. god Bless..M xx

  • Thank you my friend I think you are right about the depression. I's something I have never suffered from before but then I have never been so near leaving my family before, Hope you are ok. M x

  • Hi Mocary, what a dreadful experience you have had I am so glad you are now back home and on the mend, I do hope you are taking it slowly and are not expecting too much too soon.

    Take care

    polly xx

  • Thank you Polly. The medics have stressed it will be a long journey to recovery but I am grateful to have a second chance. M xx

  • Hi Mocarey, I hope you are looking after yourself and getting lots of rest now. Don't let the comments get to you: you deserve the best treatment. I hope you are comfortable and will make a steady recovery. My very best wishesxxx

  • Thank you Jenss your wishes are much appreciated. M x

  • So sorry to hear how I'll you have been - wishing you the speediest recovery. You are not a burden you deserve the em very best care, you are very special lots of love xxx

  • Oooh you poor sausage! And how terrifying. Go slow, be kind to yourself, and look forward to a soon approaching restful and recovered summer.

  • Thank you frose. M x

  • Hello Mo ,really good to have you back among us we all missed you.I would have said to that extremely insensitive consultant " and what about the extortionate salary you receive!Is that not a burden to the Health service and your bedside manner is atrocious so you don,t even earn your salary" We the patients can never be a cost,we are what the NHS is there for! You get well soon and forget that stupid woman.Kindest regards D.

  • Thank you FarmerD M x

  • This illustrates perfectly exactly how careful you need to be about your personal care plan. After gathering various factual information about your illness and your next of kin there is one very BIG question you are asked. Do you wish to sign a DNR? (Do not resuscitate). Your response to this will govern how medics/hospitals will deal with your treatment. With all the cost pressures being placed on the NHS by this government, you really need to ask yourself if you trust them enough to give them carte blanche to terminate your treatment and your life. This is still very much a personal issue but I know where I stand on this.

  • Me to warwickstag. M x

  • I have been so very concerned about you sweetheart. I had a feeling you were poorly again and after speaking to your hubby (who I have to say sounds as gentle and kind as you lovely) and then to you in hospital, I was very worried indeed. What a horrible, scary time you have had hun.

    Please try not to dwell on the cons hurtful words hun. We have all had cutting comments from medics in our time and they have no idea how deep the hurt goes when you are so unwell. Being a doctor doesn't automatically mean they have emotional intelligence.

    I didn't want to bother you when so ill but I was so worried. Very relieved to get your tx.

    So glad you are home. Lots of r and r for you lovely wee wifey.

    Love cx

  • Thanks my darling. I had a couple of bad nights again and a house visit fron doc yesterday he wanted me back in hospital but I am back on abs again. So keep your fingers crossed hope things are better for you. M xxx

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