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Inflammation & emphysema like really

Inflammation & emphysema like really

How many with lung disease Copd was told you have to be careful when using a nebuliser home humidifiers

Well given my condion i was looking at some more coughed up lung tissue loaded with inflammation results of last weeks coughed up asbestos.

Anyway i was looking at it under microscope and SH## myself as in coughed up chunk there was lots of lines in around coughed up lung scar tissue.

It looked like Legionnaire's disease did you know there is a mild to severe type of pneumonia caused by the legionella nor did i

But like i say home use nebuliser humidifiers you just have to be aware of risk thus always clean your appliance tubes vesals.

Anyway it was not legionella thank god given my lung diease it was just emphysema advansing threw asbestos indused inflamation and causing lung capillary avoli destruction

Rank but better than fluid pneumonia eh

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oldestnewest ,,theres usefull advice on how to keep home nebs clean, I don't use one yet so I thought id look it up, thanks for the heads up on home nebs cheers look after yourself as it seems that's the way it goes for many of us thanks for the post .

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Hi ItsBAme Cheers thanks for link glad you found post usefull.

Thanks for reply cheers hope you is all good ;)

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I think you would scare yourself with these. I was told that I had a mycobacterium Gordonae. I had M. avium Intracellulare, the cause of TB and had 2 and a half years of medication to eradicate it. So I wasn't cheered when I heard the news of the mycobacterium Gordonae. BUT, I checked on the scholarly doctors documents which said this may be a mycobacterium, but it doesn't cause TB (like it’s cousin!)It may be just as annoying to eradicate. My consultant didn’t tell me the difference between the two and asked me to take 3 sputum samples to be tested. It takes about 3 weeks to let this grow on a Petri dish in the lab – I'm not going to look at it under the microscope, because it needs a special staining to make it come in evidence. Also I prefer to trust the microbiologist interpret the results for the doctor, rather than get scared.

My motto, stand up for yourself and let the bugs be scared of you. At the moment, there are efficient medicines to combat these.

What you can do on your behalf is to start some home exercises. This will be far more profitable and will show the bugs you take charge of yourself. Take a look in this series at the blue woman videos for exercises to do them every morning. This will help you.

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Hi Helingmic Cheers yer i do my exercises its just bits crap in my airways cant do out about well apart from cough it up and suffer bad breathing .

Yer am not obsessed really it just interesting really BUT yer i know was not legionella more lung destruction

Am just glad av never been drinker or ad defo had finger clubbing as its them bits leather you liver

Did see TB stuff wile having scout about .. a just hope never get out like that as i was never vaccinated for that

Cheers thanks for reply


D3NIS, keep the morale up or as they used to say in Victorian time, keep the aspidistra flying!Cheers, Mic


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