Self adminitered IV post-take 2!

oh how annoying that my post was missing, I'd written loads! Anyway, I was saying that since diagnosis in October last year I've had non stop infections and antibiotics. I saw a new consultant who specialises in Bronchiectasis on 05 January and he advised that a course of IV antibiotics was the only realistic way forward. I'm colonised with haemophilis influenzae and it seems that oral antibiotics just aren't doing the trick.

I've been to see the specialist nurse at the hospital for training in how to self administer at home. The first time I was really unwell and ended up coming out with training plus 2 weeks of coproflaxicin! My next appointment was last week, I had become even more ill in the meantime and left hospital on that occasion only after a chest X-ray, blood tests and 2 more weeks of my beloved Augmentin. At last I'm feeling better and realise that the I can't go on like this (I'll have to go into Augmentin rehab if it carries on

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Aargh the end is cut off! So, has anyone else had similar experiences and also has anyone self administered antibiotics?

Yes, I have. It was for a pseudomonas exacerbation. I had 14 days in total on Tazocin. 4 days in hospital, the rest at home, self administered. They put what they called a 'long line' in. It was inserted into a vein in my arm which went right up almost to my shoulder, then fixed in place at the entrance, with a long extention which I could reach with both hands to administer the drugs. One saline flush, then the antibiotic, followed by another saline flush, then a heparin flush. They provided me with a table top fridge to keep all the syringes (pre filled) in. Plus a sharps box, antibacterial wipes, antibacterial liquid soap, gloves - the hygiene standards of the OPAT nurses is very strict.

Yes, that sounds exactly the same as my IV. Did you have any trouble managing it and what kind of impact did it have on your infection in the longer term?

I didn't have any problem managing it, but did get bored after a few days. It took up so much time every day. My first Pseudomonas exacerbation was back in April 2012, when I did stay in hospital for the treatment. Second one was April 2014. Up to now, I've been pretty clear - but I'm dreading April this year, in case it happens again!! But I am on prophylactic Azithromycin. Also on high dose, long term Prednisolone for a completely unrelated condition (Vasculitis) so hopefully I might be OK.

Thanks for your replies Poemsgalore, very helpful. Everyone that I mention this to seems horrified by the idea and to be honest I'm getting a bit scared myself, more about the implications of needing IV treatment, than about the actual treatment itself. It all seems so scary somehow...

Oh thanks for this flibberti , very interesting. I live alone and all my friends/partner will be working (and so should I be!) I'm not expecting to have a fainting fit, I've never had one before. Yes will definitely look out for bad reactions. My main worry is that it'll work for me as the last year has been awful and I really would like my life back!

Hi Lolly, i to have Bronchiectasis, in 13/14 i picked up the dreaded H.I, bug. Felt pretty rough for about a year, was eventually given I'Vs which did finally do the trick.Feeling much better at present, despite having an infection. Hope they get you sorted soon, its bad enough being constantly breathless, but to feel ill as well is really not good! Love Kin Xx

Thanks Kin it's good to know that this could do the trick and rid me of the nasty bacteria. The past few months have really been awful and I work full time so even more difficult. Fingers crossed!

Wishing you well Lolly, i don't know how you've managed to work with it,i could hardly get out of the chair! Xx

Many days at work I'm stuck to the chair, staring at the computer screen wondering whether I need to call the GP yet again! Thankfully I'm on holiday this week so am having some respite and realising just how exhausted I really am

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