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Hi Family

I just wanted to bounce this one off you guys. I can take any criticism or whatever - the subject is an open debate. Here goes....

I posted before about Alkaline water.... So I tried it and....

Saturday morning was my first experience I made my usual tea with AW (alkaline water) it was a weird feeling. (I asked my daughter to taste it too and she agreed) The tea was like lighter and fluffier - sorry that sounds weird but I supposed it is because the molecules are smaller so the water is not so dense - I certainly experienced that.

All day long my nose dripped - why? Could it be the extra hydration? My nose/sinus etc have been pretty bunged up for years?

Normally I cough up a chewy firmish lump of phlegm but not on Friday - I only produced one lot of fluffy weak stuff?

Spend 5 hours shopping (hit every shop) came home and did the housework til about 8.45pm. Normally shattered and couldn't do anything like that?

Sunday am, was up before 6am doing the ironing, dishwasher and washing machine ready to go on.

8.45am hit the gym for a kettle bells class (not been for 6 weeks due to work - thanks boss!) wow you should have seen me go! Ok, they all understand I have COPD and sometimes I sit on the floor to do it or bend over huffing and puffing but I kept going for 45 mins! Never before have I managed that long!

Sunday afternoon I was shattered and took it easy but by teatime I was bouncing round the house doing more housework.

Ahh finally sat down with a glass of red (no need for a straw & bottle now). Stuck my finger oxometer on and it read 98% O2! Usually 92 -94 (yes I did take a photo!). Of course this spurred me on to jump about and dance around the room (more exercise!)

Was it the AW or what else could account for this burst of energy, easy breathing and joie de vie?

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  • Hi I haven't a clue but I want some of that water! x

  • I am not entirely sure it was the eau de vie (water of life) but I cannot think of anything else I did! I really am going to monitor my O2 and energy and will post any developments good or bad!

    Happy Birthday;)

  • Tried to do a link which didn't work. Google alkaline water - site what they don't tell you. x

  • Hi Cough,

    When I googled I got

    I agree with what they say and am glad to say mine in naturally alkaline not from one of those expensive machines you can buy. Why do all these informative articles conclude with a sales pitch for expensive things? LOL

  • Thanks Offcut it was. You are a mind reader. Remind me please how to do a link! Words of one syllable with left or right click etc. I could do them but have now forgotten - doh... Oh and pictures x

    Ps am on windows 8 lappy

  • Go to web site Left click so it is highlighted right click and go to copy then in the the comment box right click and choose paste by left clicking on the paste. Job done!

    It can be done with ctrl c and ctrl v on the keyboard?

  • Thanks Offcut will try that. It hacks me off so much when I have learned something then just forget it again! Going to have to start a notepad called 'things to remember' :O x

  • I did try that but forgot to put stuff in it. I have short term memory issues since my stay in ICU :( Bookmark this link?

  • Firstly I do not dispel the use of alkaline and can see the benefit but this can be got from everyday food. Maybe it is because I am tight! ;)

    One thing I am a big believer in is the power of the mind. If you want something to work it will change the way you feel and think. A Can do attitude! I do not think that a bad thing at all. if you look at clinical trials they use plasebo's but tell the people that they are taking a wonder drug. Some have no affect but some will always feel different/better even though they are only swallowing chalk. If you went to PR you may well get the same affect as controlled exercise will help those with COPD.

    Keep it up and know your limits.

    I will add on your last post you mentioned H2O2 now that I still think is a dangerous path to go on.

    Be Well

  • HI Offcut,

    Totally agree with the alkaline diet lots of greens etc. I would like to think I have a healthy diet but maybe I'm looking for a shortcut! Placebo effect maybe? I will stick with it for a while and wait and see. Like all fads it could wear off.

    You tight? I'm from Yorkshire!

    God bless

  • As long as you are feeling well on it I see no issues.

    Be Well

  • Blimey are u sure u have not slipped a few steroids ? I have trouble walking to my car!!i used to be like that.

  • :d Colours you really crack me up x

  • Hi Sokrackers, please do keep us up to date on your progress. I read the link you posted the day you ordered the device but didn't get a clear explanation of what it was going to do and how you would benefit. I'll start googling and inform myself.

  • Don't worry, I won't. Right now I'm spending all my money on beetroot juice.

  • Argana

    Please don't rush out and buy one, it's early days - my experience could just be a fluke - time will tell.

    It cost £18.75 free p&p so not a great expense but when you google you get good and bad reviews..... but you could buy one of these really expensive machines used by celebrities....Elton John is a fan I think I read somewhere? I will give it a go for say a week then have a week off see if I notice a difference.

    Take care

  • OMG that is amazing - please keep us updated. It sounds marvellous. This could be the way forward xx

  • Great reading stilltrucking!

  • My friends, please remember this is a light discussion hopefully showing both sides of the debate. If this was 'the cure' surely everyone would be using it. To investigate this further I have spent a couple of £s on a PH testing kit. I plan to replicate the tests showing the PH values on some of these sites to see if I get the same or similar results. I will test my tap water, bottled water and the water that comes out of my 'gismo' also the output! I scored another 98 today but also my usual 92-93 at one point. As clear as mud eh?

  • Hi sokrackers

    You maybe could be just haveing a good day has we have good and bad days but dont forget all the work and walking you done thoughout the day is all good exercise and that might has well be the reason your feeling good.

    I sometimes have so good days with lots of energy i think have i really got this copd and then the next day i get so tired with no energy but dont get breathless

    Good luck


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