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Hi everyone,

Hope your all feeling well.Its been really quiet on here last couple days. So I have a question for you all.What vitamins and foods do you feel help your condition?

I see a lot of you use manuka honey.Do you feel that it helps you? Its very expensive! I saw it for $36. For a sm jar.

( unpasteurized). It's well worth it if it

Helps. Anyone take elderberry syrup?

Thanks everyone, Hows the weather there? Last night, in good old new jersey

usa it was 11 degrees!


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Hi Ruby, I take honey but not always Manuka honey, there are benefits in any honey,i also take vitamin D,the B vitamins and fish oils, i have been told Coenzyme Q10 is good for people with lung problems i don't know if it is.


Hi Bikerglove,

I always have 2 spoons of honey everyday.Not been doing to well with the vitamins.I was reading about vitamin d3. Excellent for

copd.I am low on it too.Also, the fish old for inflamation. Great stuff.



I take vitamin D during the winter months. At signs of a cold I take vitamin C with zinc. I also wash my hands or use hand gel before eating and since then have FAR fewer colds....


Hi Bevvy,

You got that right. You got to wash your hands alot. I have started gargling with salt water and

going to get saline for nose ( salt water) thats suppose to get rid of germs.Sounds good to me.



I take manuka honey but I do no pay anywhere near that price £3.69. I also have taken pro-biotic drink every morning since 2008 and my colds have reduced by loads.

I have seen reports that Vit C in it's self does not stop colds but can help reduce the time of recovery. But Zinc is showing to help? Beetroot is the new energy and blood pressure drink at the moment!

Be Well


I wouldn't say a lot of us use manuka honey Ruby. A few do but I don't rate it. x


Hi Ruby, i use a few supplements but try as far as possible to see food as my medicine.

Magnesium as it helps smooth muscle tissue in the lungs to work, also people who take ppis for reflux tend to become deficient in it.

Vit D, ppl with copd often deficient though my tests were ok. But a little extra can't hurt especially as it helps calcium absorption.

CoQ10 - no idea if it works though last year it brought my heart beat down to a reasonable level shortly after starting to take it.

I use the following each day:

turmeric (inflammation) and make a drink with it.

cinnemon (good for chest) put it in my porridge and bake with it.

cardamom (just about everything incl. gastro-digestive, respiratory, anti-inflammatory)

ginger (digestive, helps shift mucus) - i use root ginger for a tea, and lots of cooking.

I also eat seaweed. Its good for thyroid, detoxing and has loads of calcium.


Ruby, of course, we are asked this question fairly often, I would type this in the search, (The little magnifying glass on top right)

I take Vit C with zinc (zinc is supposed to strengthen the immune system), I take Vit D3, the kind that the body manufacture in the sun (no sun at the moment!) See a review of this on the NHS website, It says that people who don't expose themselves to the sun need to take this supplement.

I take Fish oil; also acidophilus in gel pills. Acidophilus put a lot of friendly bacteria in our guts. It seems - unproven - that the good bacteria attack the bad ones, so protecting yourself against bad ones. (I still get ill with opportunistic bugs like pseudomonas, and the latest Moraxella catharalis which causes pneumonia, otitis, sinusitis)

Doctors are not keen to advise on this,as the research is not accurate enough.

I hope you are not freezing where you are. we get the jet winds that push the winds to gale force wind. It's howling out there and going to increase during the night and tomorrow.

Hope it helps. Mic


Its not just the sun mic but you do get more vit d with it. I have heard as long as you get at least 20 minutes in daylight every day you will make enough vit d. x


hahaha! Coughalot, I think I'd be dea if I stood outside in that wind for 20 minutes. The light comes through my lounge window. But last year, My GP said I was lacking Vit D. I've recovered since, by taking Vit D3 supplements. See, when i go to the gym, it's all covered, even if there are some windows and two sky lights, I've never seen much sun going through!. But I'll carry on goiong to that gym as the exercises do me good, but no vitamin D there!

Hope you are OK, cough and not so much " a lot"


hi hellenann, I would be really interested to know the dosage you gave and where you obtain the capsules please and is it just vitamin a or the other one with the acid combined, thanks in anticipation. Rikki.


hi hellenann, I would be really interested to know the dosage you gave and where you obtain the capsules please and is it just vitamin a or the other one with the acid combined, thanks in anticipation. Rikki.


Hi there, vitamin C and folic acid tablets have helped me. Try for hanuka honey. You can get good offers, pehaps you have a US equivalent or they will ship it to you. The weather in Scotland is wet and windy. Loads of public transport disruptions as usual. I have PA, arthiritis and asthma as well as being obese and have high BP and cholestrorol. Happy new year. Nice meetung you, Sandra


Hi Rubyred

I think I've tried just about everything over the years, but now cut down to Redoxon 'immune support' for a month or two in the winter which contains 11 vitamins, or just vit' D3 and vit'C if I start a cold, and Echinacea.

I sometimes use Kaloba root extract drops, which is available online, and inhale with a salt pipe.

My regular prescription drugs for COPD / Asthma are Flutiorm, Spirivia, Ventolin salbutamol and Theophylline tablets, plus extra steroids when needed..

Like you, I looked into buying Manuka honey, but it's around £13.00 a jar in my local supermarket, and standard honey is about £2.50, so not sure of the benefits ?

Good luck.


I see you are still on the ball, Stilltruckin! Well done!



Nice to be 'preciated. Cheers


Genuine Manuka honey is meant to originate from New Zealand, I find that so much honey being sold in supermarkets only looks like honey and infact is a derivative of fruitcose syrup. I only buy local pure unadulterated honey that often isn't even filtered. I add grated ginger and turmeric and take this twice daily, it keeps my breathing pipes open.


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