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Constant tickly cough on exerion

Hi everyone out there. Hope you are all keeping warm in this freezing weather?

I get this awful ticklish cough whenever I exert myself. It seems worse when I increase the oxygen to 1 litre when ambulatory. I am a CO2 retainer and on oxy 1/2 litre for 15 hours daily so was advised by lung consultant not to go beyond 1 litre. I have severe COPD so I checked with my GP last week but she said it wasn't a chest infection. I am now too frightened to do any proper exercise as it brings on this terrible debilitating cough. I wondered if anybody else who uses oxygen had experienced anything similar?



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Might just be dry throat.I would talk to your doctor again and tell her of your concerns.


Hi Penelope 3

Thanks for replying. I spoke to the COPD Nurse and she said it could be because oxygen therapy dries out the airwaves. I was using it at least 20 hours and some of that was on 1 litre so now I am keeping to 1/2 and the coughing fits are not so prolonged.

Once again, thank for your advice. Hope you are feeling ok?




Glad you got it figured out.I am as ok as I ever will be,lol.


Still have tickly cough even when not using oxygen. Tried to contact BLF but they were closed and the same with the COPD line so I finally called 111. They were really helpful and promised to get a GP to call me back. Well, I was in bed when the 1st call came about 11;30 Then second about 4 am and finally I managed to pick up on the third call at 7. I explained situation about cough and now my heart beat was high and the Dr advised me to take antibiotics and double up on the symbicourt. I was very impressed with the multiple calls and the advice. My GP had just said no its not a chest infection and offered no advice. So started antibiotics on Saturday. Still coughing but not so violently.



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