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I hope everyone is wrapped up warm as the winter seems to be approaching fast.

just a question if i may my tlco is 76% of predicted what does this mean and is this bad. Mu specialist said he would not worry until it was 60% or lower, will this reading keep reducing or can it be improved any advice would be appreciated

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  • What's tico please? x

  • Hi cough

    tlco and aka dclo is the gas exchange in the lungs and the % of how efficient this is.

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  • Hi Justin,

    I would think 76% was rather good. I'm not sure and am heading out the door so havent got time to look it up but isnt 80% considered "normal" Mine is 47% and I live a normal life. Meaning I work and exercise and use no meds or inhalers. My specialist wasn't concerned with the dlco result but said the LV result he did have concerns about. I recall reading somewhere that oxygen is needed if dlco is 30% or less? Someone else may know more on the topic. Suz x

  • Hi Suz01,

    How are you, You seem to be doing very well with your copd. Hows your oxygen levels? Is 47% your tlco or your fev 1 ? Also what is Lv? Have a great thanksgiving!

    ~ RUBY ~

  • Oh thank you. In that case yours sounds ok. How the predictive bit is worked out is to look at the average expected according to age, weight etc. and work out what percentage yours is. This means your lung function is 76% of what it would be without lung disease. That is not too bad actually. x

  • Thank you very much for your replies, i was guessing that 80% would be very low normal 100% being standard. Does anyone know if this % can be improved ??

  • I to am interested as to whether it can be improved or whether as for FEV1 it gradually declines as you age with or without progression of disease? They give a predicted decline rate for age with fev1 is it the same for dlco? Justin keep in mind there can be other reasons for a lower dlco eg: anemia etc. If its due to alveoli destruction I guess it couldnt be improved. Hopefully someone who has experienced this situation will come along with some advice.

  • Hi Justin, lovely picture you have put up. With regards to your question, I am the same as you. My specialist said: you might have been like this always so that could be your "normal". Anyhow, only mildly outside the normal range and therefore not of interest to him at present. My understanding is that your absolute values would drop with age very slightly every year (in proportion to the drop in lung volumes- however, that is the same process of ageing for everyone). I and you are hoping that our condition is stable so that our absolute drops are not larger than normal, and therefore our values as percentage of predicted stay the same over time (remember there is some variability in the measurement so 75% predicted may be the same as 78% predicted- you will have to ask your testing machine operator for the variability of the test, as in 2%, 3% etc). Best wishes and take carexxx

  • Did they say if it was obstructive or restrictive issues?

    TLC Total lung capacity,

    DLCO or TLCO (diffusing capacity or transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide (CO),[1]) is the extent to which oxygen passes from the air sacs of the lungs into the blood. Commonly, it refers to the test used to determine this parameter. It was introduced in 1909

    Two good info links above.

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  • Thank you guys for all your help and information.

    This is a great sight everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable

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  • Like fev1 & fvc dclo can vary between 85% & 120%. 100% being classed as the norm. Dclo is the transfer of oxygen or gas transfered from the alveoli to the haemaglobin. Im not 100% sure whether it can be improved but results can vary from test to test.

    I had my my indepth spirometry test yesterday so have the 2 month wait to see consultant but during test saw dclo of 85%. I havnt a diagnosis yet but know somethings not right with my breathing.

    You have very good fev1 fvc results and to fair dont know if i could manage your time for a mile.

    Sounds like your doing all the right things to maintain your health.

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