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looking for opinions, might a pacemaker help emphysema?

Hi all,

Im recently diagnosed stage 2 emphysema 58% FEV1. I also have heart problems long term. Had open heart surgery in past and have both AF and Bradycardia, so now have a pacemaker for the slow rate and med for fast. I have the option of the type of pacemaker that does all the beating for me, and am put off by the concern if it stops so do I, but wondering now, would having one be better for my COPD?

I know it wont improve lung function, but wonder if it will put less strain on the heart and be beneficial in that way for helping my body cope with all the strains, excacerbations and progressive worsening over the years etc. The other thing I wonder about is, when I needed a pacemaker change in the years ahead, would my COPD make it too much of a risk?

I know none of you can answer this as such, but having your opinions and reasoning's would be a help. Finally. when I want to add to the conversation here, how do I do that please? Cant figure it out and it means I cant respond back within the conversation.

Stay well


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I am sorry I cant help you but did want to say HI! I wonder if a call to the BLF helpline might be able to help you, they may have some advise? The very best of luck, lots of love TAD xx


Wow! that's a huge question! I can't help, but do talk to a BLF nurse and your doctor....ask them all the questions you have in mind (write them down before you talk to them) . When you want to reply on here, just press the red "submit reply" box and an empty box will come up for your comments...you then press the submit reply box... I am laughing my head off here, as I am hopeless with computers and here I am giving you advice.......what an amazing start to my day :) :)


All I can say re this is that I have several friends that suffer from angina...and they get VERY short of breath..there is NOTHING wrong with their lungs but they cannot walk very far at all...in fact sometimes they are worse in their breathing than me ( stage 4 ) so I know that heart problems lead to shortness of breath too


I was due to have a Pace and Ablate this year. I have AF and Tachycardia I had the same worries about the fact that the batteries will last about 7 years but what if I had a dud etc. What in fact would happen you will not drop down dead but you will have heart function at a very low rate and plenty of time to fit a new one.

I have had 9 CV and 3 Ablations all have failed.

I have been diagnosed with PH and they cancelled my Pace and Ablate now as even though the tachi is tiring it is needed to keep my heart and lungs functioning added to my RLD I am at the live with it stage now! As I do not seem to be given an alternative?

Be Well


thanks to all for replies, sorry didn't get back sooner, priorities have changed. Dog in vets, she is 13 and needed dental work, they broke jaw so now she has to go to a specialist place 2 hours away, I don't drive so had to source volunteer. Poor things got bad bones so needs an outside wire support while it heals, so a lot to sort out for her treatment. Poor old girl.

Carole x


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