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Pulmonary Effects of Tobacco Vaporizer?

I have switched from cigarettes to a tobacco vaporizer, which is not the same as an e-cigarette in that it uses tobacco leaves rather than e-juices/liquids. I use approximately one cigarette worth of leaves on a daily basis.

This device heats the leaves up to a max of 210 degrees celsius, thus not causing the leaves to burn and release any carcinogenic substances. The nicotine in the leaves can be vaporized well below this temperature, and I do feel its effects upon inhalation.

My question is, does anyone know anymore than I do about these types of devices? My mother is a family physician and she believes that 'vaping' is still quite harmful to lung tissue. I would like to hear other people's perspectives as well.

Note: I am not talking about e-cigarettes here, which use e-juices that are not regulated by government and have been found to contain small traces of carcinogenic agents compared to cigarettes. I am also aware that nicotine inhalation can result in cell aptosis, which in my mind is a minor risk compared to the potential harmful effects of dozens of cancer causing substances in tobacco smoke.

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I feel anything other than air and medication going into your lungs cannot but exacerbate any existing lung problems



All lung damage is done by inhalation of toxic substances. Tobacco products no matter how they try to mask it or justify its use will cause damage.

If you have already got some degree of lung damage, further inhalation of toxic substances will only serve to make the condition worse.

Sometimes, what makes you fell good, is not really doing you any good.


While I agree with the other 2 replies I still think it is much better than smoking real ciggies. Damage limitation! x

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Hi Almo, readining your post it is obvious that you know the answer to your own question. Anything you inhale into your lungs is harmful and if they are damaged in the first place it is all to the worse. Be kind to yourself and protect your future by giving up any type of smoking. I know that this is terribly difficult but it is a small thing to do if you want to prolongue the quality of your life. Good luck


What do YOU THINK !!! The smoke is only going to one direct place and thats to your lungs, the lungs will do there job and pass it onto your blood stream , and your blood stream will to its job and pass the cotaminated blood to all the other organs of your body. If you already suffer with a lung problem, you will only make it worse no matter what type of smole it is, the ONLY WAY is to stop smoking, and there is no short cut or way around this problem.


Whatever we do we talk ourselves into it,whether it's good or not, living a dream! Your inviting people to add to post,but controlling them by saying your mother is a physican ,if she is she would now that tobacco is poison.


just stop smoking it is so simple I have tried them all and in the end I just quit altogether never felt better and I still run up and down stairs and I am in my seventies just give them up .


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