The "Ballerina"

An extremely large, muscular woman, wearing a sleeveless sun dress, walked into a bar. She raised her right arm, revealing a huge, hairy armpit and pointed to all the men sitting at the bar and asked, "Which of you men will buy a lady a drink?" The bar went silent as the patrons tried to ignore her. At the end of the bar, was Jason, a skinny little runt, who was as usual, VERY drunk.

Jason slammed his hand on the bar and said, "Give dat Ballerina a drink!" Clancy, the bartender, a close friend of Jason's, poured the drink and the woman chugged it down. She turned again to the patrons and pointed around at all of them, once again revealing her hairy armpit, and asked, "Which of you men will buy a lady a drink?" Once again, Jason slapped his hand down on the bar and said, "Give dat Ballerina anudder drink!"

Clancy, finally approached Jason and said, "Jason mah fren', I know it ain't none of my business of course if you want to buy dat lady a drink, but how come you keep callin' her a Ballerina?" Jason looked up replying, "Clancy . . . to me, any woman who can lift her leg dat high got to be a Ballerina!"

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I liked that one Eighty. It took me a while to get it but get it I did.


Glad you liked it Bobby, the sweaty armpit was a little bit unnerving wasn't it?

:D :D ha ha ha,, needed that just now :D, dare i say :D got it right away :D ,, jimmy

I can just about remember back in the 50's how shocked my mother was when my aunty decided to shave her armpits - something that only women in 'Blue movies' would have once done and then eventually Hollywood. The original reason for shaving was to get through a loophole in the censorship laws as the way it had been written was that the female body could only be in a state of undress that fell short of revealing those areas covered in bodily hair - such areas were considered highly sexual. As movie makers wanted to titilate and competed to show more, someone came up with the idea of removing the hair. Still for a while a bare shaved armpit would have suggested being at the very least a 'loose woman'. My mother - being 'decent' never did shave hers - although she died quite young so perhaps would have eventually been swayed by the pressure of the 'modern trend' that ensued in the 50's.

I have to confess that it does annoy me that perfectly natural under arm hair should be considered something of disgust - odd really as it was previously associted with sexuality yet now the 'bald plucked chicken skin' look is considered the sexy way. Scary really just how easily we can be influenced. Oh - and yes I did go for the 'naked armpit' look myself being a teen in the 60's and 70's - but there were times in winter when I knew no one would see it that I did go 'au naturelle' - and it was great not to keep endlessly shaving! I also liked the silky soft feel of it and found it quite feminine. I do wish one thing though - those gents who find underarm hair shocking - would you please start shaving your own - there is absolutely no logical reason why such hair should be disgusting on one sex yet not on the other. Sadder still is that all bodily hair is becoming 'tabboo' for youngsters nowadays - yet another 'gift' originating with the porno industry. And the once prized 'hairy chest' of manhood is seen as something of shame and digust by many young men now too - an increasing number of lads are having their chests waxed so they can look like the guys in the glossy magazines. Crazy world isn't !

Parvati, me man! won't shave there because naught grow! But I quite like the "au naturel" I like long hair, the longer the better, on head I mean! But what needs to be said is that, man or woman, should smell nice!

Oh how right you are Parvati! I still have a pic' of myself somewhere, wearing a bikini, laying on the bonnet of a sports car, one arm behind my head - displaying a jet black hairy armpit. As you say, nobody thought anything of it at the time, but my Daughters laughed when they saw it and couldn't believe that I would allow my photo to be taken without shaving!? I too find it ridiculous that men shave their chests. I like hairy men - they're supposed to be hairy, that's what makes them different to us. I would never look twice at a man who shaves his legs/chest - too feminine! Yuk!

Wow (I'm going to use a face which I just learn with : and D put together!) :D

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