Hi all just letting you know I received my results yesterday, not too bad !! I have a fungal infection in my airways and right lung, it can be cured with strong antibiotics taken for four weeks, followed by x-ray to make sure its gone. This is what has been causing my continuous coughing !! I cant remember the name of the infection sorry..My doc. is still waiting on the final tests which will be a couple more weeks, but is confident that I will not have Mycobacterium !! She also informed me that my copd is moderate !! thank goodness I thought it was worse !! all in all a very good result, makes me feel silly for being so scared..Thanks again for your kindness and support in the lead up love and best wishes to you all, stay well xx roo-roo xx

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  • Never feel silly roo-roo. We all live in Scary-land which is why we help each other get by. Infection name = perhaps aspergillus? Its the only one i know and i think it needs the kind of treatment you are having for yours. Losing the continuous coughing will be a relief. So glad its a good result for you. :)

  • Glad you got it sorted and there is a curable outcome, we all worry and get scared, so all with you in that. Sounds like you had a fungus called Aspergillus, its quite prevalent because of the leaves from trees rotting down and the spores are on the wind. Its nasty but very treatable. get well soon

  • So pleased for you roo roo. I get very scared so don't feel silly. It is good that you came on here for support. We need to support each other as you have to live it to understand it. Take care xx

  • So pleased to hear your great news...........chin up. Four weeks pass by quickly these days. Your on the mend ,that's the main thing.

  • Don't feel silly, being scared is natural. Just concentrate on getting better, that's the main thing. Good luck . xx

  • Roo-Roo what great results! You were quite justified to be so worried - but you should be reassured now that you have a good medical team. With a bit of luck you should be well for Christmas! So pleased to hear your news, lots of love TAD xx

  • Hi rooroo, glad to hear it is all positive news, the fungal infection was probably started by your inhalers. Always remember that persistent cough can be anything not just part of COPD. In a months time you will feel much better and ready to face the Christmas season. Take care and try to avoid infections, not easy I know xx

  • Of course you aren't silly!!!! :) Grrrreat news for you - bet you are feeling really really positive now......hang on to that!!! :)

  • Roo roo, I'm so glad of the result. you will see this through. I wish you a prompt recovery.

  • Hi roo roo so glad it was good news, U'll feel better in no time now they've got u in the right stuff. Take care x Sonia x

  • thanks Sonia I do feel better.xxroo-rooxx

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