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Noisy and loud breathing

I'm 21, used to be in shape but 5he past few years I've been eating bad and not really exercising. And I recently quit smoking which is great. But I've been breathing loud latley and I'm getting worried about it, i hyperventilate too. My girlfriend pointed out that I've been snoring really loud and more often latley. I have a hhistory of anxiety so Idk if this is stress or what. Anyone else get this? I also have heart palputations, and weird tremors or twitches on my stomach that I can't control and its really weird...

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Anxiety can cause all of those symptoms and well done on quitting the cigs :) have you got sinus trouble which can make breathing loud ? Maybe an infection

Best wishes



My sinus are usually fine, although it's cold season here and ibe had an off and on stuffy nose. But usually when I breathe really heavy I'm berthing out of my mouth. My nose breathing isn't loud at all, which confuses me


Mranxious. I think you need to see your GP and tell him all your worries. Also good time to think about maintaining good health. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Loads of information on the web to be found. All the best x


Hi, try and breathe gently through your nose with a relaxed diaphragm as mouth breathing can make you hyperventilate and can make anxiety worse.

Nose breathing also warms and filters the air, and when you are doing any exercise check your mouth is closed.

There are relaxation and meditation videos on you tube, and I would ask your gps advice about your symptoms too.

Take care


Hi I am not sure you have come to the right sight as this one is for lung diseases. There are a couple of anxiety sites under Health Unlocked as well so maybe join those?

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Hi mr anxious, I have read ur previous posts and I really think u need to sort out ur anxiety , that then causes u other issues. it's a shame at ur age to have to deal with axienty so if u can sort that u should then be able to concentrate on living a normal young adults life. Go to ur go and ask to sort it out. And I agree with coughalot , although we can offer support I think this is the wrong site for u to be on , as reading some of our genuine problems will make u more worried and U'll think ur symptoms are worse based on our conditions and symptoms, and I really don't want that. Hope u can get things sorted, enjoy life u only get one so make the most of it. X Sonia x

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Hi, up to a point with anxiety - and many people with lung issues suffer from varying levels of anxiety - you can develop practising mind over matter. Train yourself not think negative thoughts, slowly banish them out of your life like the cigs.

Change your name from mr anxious to something more positive for starters!

Have you seen the doc about the breathing worries?

If you have asthma for instance it needs to be diagnosed so it can be managed easily with inhalers.

If you have sinus problems it doesn't mean your nose is blocked, there are big cavities in your head & cheeks that can be full whilst you breath normally.

Nasal polyps can cause snoring as can being overweight.

Are you a healthy weight? Do you eat healthily? Do you exercise?

You have begun to take your health in hand by quitting the cigs WELL DONE YOU! Best thing you can do.

If you can do that you are very strong and can do the rest to give yourself a wonderful carefree future.

I wish you all the best for your new start. See the doc though and tell them all your worries. P


Not sure if you think this is another site, as it doesn't sound as though you have a lung disease. Suggest you talk to your GP and tell him everything about your snoring, etc....I wish you all the best. :) WELL DONE ON STOPPING SMOKING :) :) :)


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