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Goolies and ghosties

Knock-a-door Run

I remember the days

We had so much Fun

Running through gardens

Climbing up trees

Running up slides

and grazing my knees

Chasing the girls

Fighting the boys

Asking mates round

and falling out over toys

Cleaning the Pumpkin

Growing the seeds in a Pot

Feeding them with Cow Muck

That stank a right lot

Scaring the neighbours

With a sheet on my head

Then running and hiding

In someone's garden shed ( Till old man Penn got his hands on me )

Then get back home

Mums face red with rage

Dad saying leave him

One day he'll act his age

And now that I'm older

A bit longer in the tooth

I'm still the same IDIOT

I was in my youth

Azaard Poet O' the North

5 Replies

Brill poem, I don't act my age when I can get away with , I like being an idiot sometimes lol, just don't have the energy or breath to be really naughty anyway, but being an idiot is easy and I can do it sitting down lol. X Sonia x


Very funny azzard dreading tomorrow can't keep getting up and down too the door Last year I had an egg thrown at my window.

I. Know it's not the neighbours children More like teenagers never mind we have all been young

Take care both of you



Lol thats excellent .I remember playing knock down ginger as we called it down here,always terrified of getting caught. :) Janexx


Love it Az :) :d x


Ah! The joys of yesteryear.


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