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Out Spending Money...Again

Out Spending Money...Again

But I wasn't frittering...I was being sensible...most of the time anyway.

We went to Heaton's's a store rather like and cheerful and full of stuff you'd actually quite like but don't need.

They had a sale on across the store and joy of joys, one little suitcase thingy on's exactly the right size for my ambulant oxygen and the interior straps hold it is sturdy and well made and was only nine I can go off down our lane pulling it behind me and won't have to lug it over my shoulder.

And I bought a rather posh cycle gadget...endorsed by none other than Davina McCall...I think she does fitness videos...not sure actually. It's very small and compact and has two pedals...obviously...and it can be adjusted for tension so it's either quite easy to pedal or quite difficult. It has an in-built computer which shows you how far you've many calories have been gobbled up and your heart rate...I've had a little go on it, but Himself took it away on the pretence of adjusting it...he's been playing on it for ages...he's exercising his arms on the table now.

I went to the Hospice shop as well...and found some books I've not read before and a sort of old hippy frock that'll be grand with leggings.

All in all an excellent afternoon...hope you are breathing easy and keeping warm...we have a bitterly wind suddenly come from nowhere.

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Vashti, Sounds like you have had a good day. I love days like that. :) p.s. love the piccy. :)

It was good...but I went to bed very early! The rose is one I bought last Spring...has a gorgeous perfume.

Hmmmm sounds good (especially the hippy frock :) )...and here I am, cooped up because I have a feeling an infection is coming on (Oh, I soooo hope not!! ) :x

well done vashti,it looks as if you've had a good day, and a pleasing one, great to hear that,:) take care now, jimmy xxx

a lovely picture as well :) ,,, x

Thank you Jimmy...the rose is in my garden...take care yourself

makes the picture better still vashti :) i note some of the roses are still blooming yet in my garden,, but were near the" frost" time here in bonnie scotland :) such a beautiful rose and photo,, jimmy xxx

Fingers crossed for u Louisiana that it's not an infection , if it is, stay warm, rest, take ur meds and really really look after urself ( these words were sed to me lol ) big (((( hugs )))) . take care x Sonia x

Ginger and lemon tea for you then...I do hope it isn't an infection...keep warm and keep

Hi vashti so glad u've had a good day, bought some good stuff from the sound of it, even himself is enjoying the cycle lol and u get to read ur books while u pedal, take care x Sonia x

Hah...I have to concentrate on the pedalling...multi-tasking isn't an option! lol

oh i kept meaning to tell you this

the chat about genealogy and the lds church or mormon as you call them......i dont know if you know this but the lds have their own website to do your family tree search like the ancestry site you use and as you know they have masses of info to research it may be better than the one you use but im not sure of the prices it could be free

I'll have a look Mandi, thank you

I love your posts Vashti. You have a real gift for writing. Have you ever done much writing? If not you should. You are very talented. x

Thank you very much Coughalot...I do love to write and have had a few articles published...not recently though 'cos being ill takes up time!

I love Heaton's as well Vashti. Sounds like you had a great day and no longer need to buy an exercise bike.

Are you also in Ireland Argana?...Heaton's have such lovely bits and pieces...I need to wear blinkers when I go in

No exercise bike needed now...this gadget seems to do the job perfectly well

Yes I am Vashti but much further south then you. Have a big Heatons about 10 minutes drive and love poking about there for bargains.

What a lovely day you had.......your exercise thingy sounds good.


It's excellent...I actually got it from Argos and it does the job well.

Hi Vashti, I love shops like that. Trouble is, I always come home with things I never knew I needed that end up in a cupboard. Lol.

Mmmm....dust gatherers!

Nothing like retail therapy for us ladies! Makes the world a better place. Take care

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