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Hi everyone, wonder if you can help. Several months ago someone (apologies for forgetting your name if the message applies to you) asked if anyone would like help discovering there last relatives. At the time I had other commitments and now I am ready for some help I cannot find the name or post of the person who said they could help. Please if you know what I am on about I would be grateful to have their name. Hope you are all well Barnowl

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  • the name of member who offered help is Nikkers see posts

  • Hello jenns, thank you so much for your help. I am very grateful. Have a lovely day bar owl.

  • Afternoon.

    I do research as well if Nikkers is unable to help. Been doing it nearly 30 years.

    Kim xx

  • Hello Kim many thanks for reply. I did try to end a private post yo you but not sure if it got there! However have had a reply from Nikkers so will follow that up but it was very kind of you to offer. Are you still finding tings out after all those years? Amazing, I gave up after I had exhausted census records bmd records and various church records hat were available at the time. Happy searching barnowl.

  • I am still finding bits and pieces for my own, but I've traced many families for other people.

    Good luck

    Kim xxx

  • Hi Kimmy, I found my granny on my mother's side because she had French connection. But I cannot find anything on my father's side because his family was Russian. it's quite difficult to find about people who were not liked by Stalin!

  • PM me some details cant promise anything but I'll give it a go.

    Kim xxxx

  • I would be very grateful if you could help me with family research on my fathers side what info would you need

  • I can have a look for you if you PM me some details. xx

  • I took her up on it and she did some wonderful work but then 'disappeared'. We had been emailing regularly and then suddenly - nothing. I am very concerned about her so please do let me know if you get a response - I'd just like to know she's ok...

  • Thanks struggle have found her and about to email her barnowl

  • Hi,

    I haven't disappeared, I'm still here. Give me your email and I'll look into why we haven't communicated of

    late. Sorry if there was some kind of mix up.

  • Oh I'm just so glad you're ok!

  • Hi Barnowl,

    It was me. I did wait to hear from you, but thought you'd changed your mind. No worries, just send me any info' that you have and let me know what you are hoping to find. Send to my email:-

    Nikkers X

  • I'd just like to thank you again for all the work you put in for me. I really appreciate it. x x

  • You're very welcome. I know how it feels to not know who your ancestors are. I was adopted and it took me over 50 years to find my birth family, that's why I enjoy doing it for others. X

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