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Family trees update

Hello Everyone. I posted this a few days ago, but I think I put it in the wrong box ? Anyway, it's further to my offer to help anyone with their family tree if I can. I had a good response and I'm doing my best for those who've contacted me. However, there are some ( you will know who you are ) for whom I've found a lot of information and they haven't bothered to get back to me! Please don't mess me about. I offered to do this for free and it's not easy work. If you want to see what I've found for you please get in touch. I will delete all the information that I have found in 7 days time if I don't hear from you. Thank you to all those that have been in constant and grateful contact, it's been nice working with you.

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I am guilty in not responding with my promised details. Truth is, Nikkers, that some of the details I have are still packed up, so I will have to rely on my memory. If you can help out, you will be promised a cyber bottle of wine. But I have been so busy, and with a mad new cat prowling around -- meet Malcolm.


Hello Pergola,

I have information of immigration for Percy James Roper and photo's if you want them. Send your email address to me at and I'll send what I have. Regards N


Hi Nikkers, where are you based Uk? Or somewhere else? I have done quite a lot of research on my family although there is always more to find? Do you have access to Parish Records in UK. Look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Polly,

I do transcribing - that is, I copy BMD records from the parish originals and rewrite them in to a readable format. So I guess that answers your question :-) regards N


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