Will I, won't I?

Woke up not feeling 100%, would you believe it? It's Day 1 of my drug trial at Papworth Hospital, I rang and told the nurse in charge and she said come in anyway - a 90 mile round trip that could be for nothing! Anyway the doctor examined me and she said she thought I was O.K. to go so all the tests started - blood, spirometry, 6 minute walk, urine sample, more spirometry, first sample of the drug via an inhaler, more spirometry, a break for lunch and more spirometry - I was worn out. Back home now, feeling a bit better so we'll see how it goes. Take care. Lizzy x

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  • Lizzy, well done! Glad you could have tests. Hope you can rest tonight.

    You take care.xxxx

  • Well done Lizzie, I did a drug trial a few years ago and found it most interesting. Didn't have as far to travel though and they sent a taxi for me - there and back. It gave me something to do!

  • oh i hope you havnt taken too much on....we do get so tired from the simple things

    take care x

  • I bet your exhausted. What's the trial for.

    Kim xxx

  • well done Lizzy you must have some determination going through all those tests in one day all the best for the future and hope this new drug will be the one for you and many others

  • I attend Papworth for IPF,would like to know what trial you are on,it's never been mentioned to me ,what's it for ,what were the criteria etc,what stage are you at,Thanks Sooki.

  • Well done lizzy. Think of all the people these trials and tests may help in the future. xx

  • Thank you to everyone who has replied to me with love and support. I do feel tired tonight, the journey wasn't too bad but there was mist and fog on the way there and pouring rain on the way back so I had to concentrate, mostly on what the other vehicles might do!

    The trial is for Pulmaquin(r) and it takes a year. It is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Pulmaquin in the management of chronic lung infections with pseudomonas aeruginosa in people with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis, to use part of the official study title. It is randomised and double-blind so I could be on a placebo. Many thanks once again to all of you it makes the world a little less lonely knowing you are all there. Take care. Lizzy x

  • Thank you Lizzie for keeping us in the loop. Did the inhaled drug have a taste to it at all? How many times a day do you have to inhale it and when do you have to go back? Sorry too many questions when your so knacked. Take your time hun and have a good rest.

    love cx

  • Morning Lizzy - hope you are feeling better today. You may need a couple of rest days after yesterday! Take good care, TAD xx

  • good on you lizzy I hope you are feeling better today and are getting some rest. How often do you have to take this new med? and do you have to travel to the hospital every time? Cheersxxx

  • Thanks once again to everyone who has contacted me. I have to nebulize the drug once a day, in the morning. There is 6 ml of it and it takes ages so I'm pretty busy for about an hour what with all the inhalers etc. I have to do. I'll have to get up early if I have an early appointment. Please feel free to ask any questions, if I don't know the answer I can always ask the nurse when I am next in contact. The next contact is a telephone call on Day 7 to check out how I'm coping and if all is well. After that it's another trip to Papworth on Day 28 of the trial. I'm happy to keep you all in the loop on this trial. Take care. Lizzy xx

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