the power of photography

Whilst enjoying a drink with his mate one night, Trever decides to try his luck with an attractive lady sitting by the bar. She lets him join her for a drink and to his surprise, asks him to accompany him home. They spend the night making mad passionate love. Finally they finish; Trever rolls off, pulls out a ciggy and looks for a lighter. He asks his new love if she has a light.

"There might be some matches in the top drawer," she replies.

Opening the top drawer he finds some matches on top of a framed photo of another man. Naturally he begins to worry.

"Is this your husband?" he enquires nervously,

"No, silly,"she replies,

"Your boyfriend then?"

"No" she replies , snuggling up to him.

"Who is he then?"

she said , "Och dont worry my dearest" ,,,"Thats just me,,,,BEFORE!! the operation!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,, :d

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  • Oh dear, it's a good job I am laying down. Hahaha Rib

  • Ha Ha,, see rib,,, you just never know nowadays :D

  • Good job the mother in law showed me the bath photos. Never figured out why these were so popular in the forties :-/

  • :D jimmy

  • Brilliant :) x

  • Oh jimmy. Brilliant. just emailed to a friend. Cheer him up this Monday morning. xx

  • hi suzie,, worth a wee smile :) your wee jovial jock,,,, jimmy xxx

  • :D :D

  • like it jimmy.

  • aye its always worth a laugh,, its the best medicine,,,, with no blinken side effects :D

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