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Just got back fro San Francisco

About a month ago I found this site when I was looking for advice on POCs and travel insurance. Thanks for all your help. We finally went with the sequal eclipse costing us £290 to hire. Insurance I paid a little over £400 as I got a discount through my bank Santander. So all in all not too expensive. Would certainly not hesitate to travel again. All air crews and ground staff very helpful. I have to comment that the assistance in Manchester airport in comparison to the US was a poor second. Not due to staff who were brilliant but due to understaffing. on both the outgoing and arrival one man to push three wheel chairs!!

Despite this we managed to see all the sights and best of all spend some quality time with our son and lovely daughter in law.

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Welcome home. How wonderful to hear that everything went well for you. Regards Rib


So happy for you,how lovely to have had such a great holiday,& spend time with your son & daughter in law. xxx


I'm really pleased you had a great time and of course a good experience of the journey.

My boy lives in pleasant hill,just outside San Fran,so we used to use the Bart all the time and the staff were always great and couldn't do enough to help.did you manage to get to Alcatraz ? What an really is a cosmopolitan city.

Really happy for you and your family.

:) :)


We went to Alcatraz in '95 jambo - quite an eery place. San Francisco is so wonderful.

Countrygirl: so pleased it's worked out so well for you :)


It's a very spooky place isn't it,I love all the different culture there.did you get to go to the Heights ? The hippy area in San that's an eye opener lol


Not too sure which bit you mean Jambo - I checked out Haight Ashbury which was the main area where hippies lived in the 60s. I was a hippy at that time but didn't get to SanFran until the 90s so it was a bit different, or so i was told - still hippies but less vibrant.

But maybe you mean a different neighbourhood?

We stayed in the Castro which is the gay neighbourhood and explored from there. Id love to go again :)


Same place o2trees,still got all the gangha shops and everything.

First time we went we stayed at a Glen Park,a nice little area near the Trocadero.

If I was younger.( and healthy ) it's a city I would love to live



Wow, so glad u got to see ur son and daughter in law and see the sites in San Francisco, some things are worth every penny . take care x Sonia x


Pleased you got to go on your trip and had a good time I thought your insurance was a bit high but if your thinking of going again I'm told TSB give free travel insurance if you have a classic account take care


Thanks for all the good wishes, went to all the 'tourist' places even had my photo taken outside the house used for filming Mrs. Doubtfire, quite sad as lots of flowers and messages written on pebbles outside the house. Apparently, the guy who lives there now is a plastic surgeon specialising in sex changes, quite apt...

The climate suited my husband much better than here and he slept better than he has in years... would love to live there, but the cost of health care is astronomical unless you've been paying into a good health insurance for years. So back to the UK and grateful for the NHS.


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