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Looking for flu case study for PHE

We’re helping Public Health England find a flu case study to help out with their winter flu vaccination campaign. There are a few things they are looking for, do you meet some or all of the following criteria?

•You have a lung condition/long-term respiratory disease

•You’re part of one of the following audience groups:

• Under 65s with a long-term health condition

• Children aged 2-4, via their parents

• Pregnant women

•You’ve been significantly affected by the flu which was exacerbated by your lung condition

•You’ve been vaccinated against flu and can talk positively about it

•You have not experienced flu since vaccination, ultimately helping to better manage your condition

•You’re willing to speak to media / be photographed

If you fit the bill, or know someone else who does, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at

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Don't know if I would - I am not pregnant and I am 75.....sounds as though you want under 65s. I have a lung disease and have not had flu since I started having the vaccinations. Good luck with your project.


Hi Louisiana, thanks for your message and glad you have not had the flu since getting the vaccination. They are indeed looking for people under the age of 65, but we are always looking for people who are happy to share their stories with us. If you would like to would you mind sending us an email at Take care, Melanie at the BLF


Ad be intrested but i dont like to travel.

Thats quite a bucket list nearly hyperventilated till a seen only one of the crittia .. Last flu jab i had made me ill took 3 months to get over it and now i have allergy to eggs mad init ...

Yep am looking forward to this years given my experiance as a dont fancy barking like a dog this winter


I fit 2 of the criteria I'm 41, with alpha 1 antitrypsin defiency z phenotype, I don't know if the flu vaccine works as due to the nature of this illness don't we all struggle one way or another in winter, infections and generally feeling crap or even ending up in hospital. Would need to know more about it before agreeing to take part. X Sonia x


Hi Sonia, thank you for your message. Do you mind emailing us at We can then explain a little more to you. Thanks, Melanie at the BLF


I fit your criteria except that despite an annual flu vaccine I've also had annual flu!


I am 58 and have severe emphysema,I have not had flu since getting the jab but got pneumonia about 6 months after getting the jab for that,ironic or what?Last time I agreed to do something like this I got sick and could,nt do it.D.


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