Want to know more about your heart? For Free!

I know this mainly the lungs but I have seen a lot on here with heart conditions too me included.

I have no attachment to these in any way but I have found this free learning site and they are doing one on the heart as well as many others that might be of interest? futurelearn.com/courses/upc...

Be Well

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  • Many thanks Offcut - I have arrythmia of the heart but since being diagnosed with emphysema everything gets blamed on that, but I do wonder at times if my heart is playing up, I look forward to checking this website. Hope you are well :)

  • Funny I had all my lung problems blamed on my heart ;)

    I have done week one did not do the practical but still might. Arrythmia is in week 3 looking forward to that.

    Be Well

  • Thanks for the link Offcut. Bookmarked on my browser. A couple more courses there that I would like to make time for too. Rib

  • Same here, I do not were I am going to get the time from ???

  • Story of my life I'm afraid. Even when I was A1 there was not enough time. I never have understood how people can claim to be bored. Rib

  • only at work ;)

  • Of that I was extremely fortunate in having a career doing exactly what I loved. Never tired of it for a moment. Far too busy to be bored. Rib

  • Thank you for the site reference - just love learning so may do a few of these courses - thanks again xx

  • No problem it is knowing what to leave out?

  • Thanks Offcut,might finally start on that book I promised myself I,d write(but don,t hold your breath lol) D.

  • Creative writing course maybe?

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