Get your BLF charity Christmas cards now

It's only 104 days until Christmas!!

Now's the time to get your Christmas cards - and support the fight against lung disease.

We've got 8 card designs this year - and all the proceeds will go towards supporting people with lung conditions, campaigning for better lung health and researching new treatments and cures.

You can order your cards here:

What design have you chosen? I've gone for the penguins!

5 Replies

  • Do these cards have the BLF logo on them so that the people who I intend to send them to will know about the BLF ?

  • Hi Puffthemagicdragon - the cards have the BLF logo on the inside and one or two lines of text explaining what we do.

    I hope this helps.


  • That's great. I'll purchase some. :)

  • Great, thanks for your support :)

  • :)

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