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Just received a new PIP form in today's post, with the attached letter saying I'm being reassessed. I've had to complete the form in full again, same as I did last year, even though nothing regarding my condition has changed. In fact there's now a more definite diagnosis of Bronchiectasis instead of just Dyspneoa, so you could arguably say its worse than a year ago!!

I have recently moved though to another area of the country from my original assessment. Is this why they're re-doing the assessment? Will I have my money stopped while this goes through?

Any advice most welcome. Thanks.

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  • Horrifying thought. The thought of ILF being stopped is bad enough without this nightmare too. I feel for you. Rib

  • Thanks Rib. It is a bit of a nightmare as my award was supposed to last another year, until 31 July 2015, so just a bit perplexed as to why I've been picked out to be reassessed a year early.

  • this should not stop your money until they have reassessed you ,with you having bronchiectasis you should have know problems,the move of a has put you into another area heath authirity but dont worry i have brochiectasis and dont have much problems,have you got the blue badge for when you get infections,you should claim it even if you are not to bad at the moment,good luck for the future

  • Yep, got a blue badge, and a disabled bus pass. Thanks Squady.

  • thats good symes,now go for a mobility wagon,i got one from the army,had to pay for the noddy scooter and lift 700 pound the pair,mobility uk payed the other 1200,at least i dont have to worry about that

  • I think if you a going to be reassessed, you must get all on your side,,all letters from doctors to consultants, they will give you copies if you ask them to,,also get say age uk to fill in the forms, they make it sound much better, if your worse than the last time you filled in the pip form then elaborate on it,,,and good luck xx

  • Symes I would agree with squady ..I can't see them taken away what they have already agreed and I doubt it is because you moved ....maybe (though its hard to believe) they are being efficient and organising your re-assessment before the existing expires.....it normally takes them over 6 months to process anything.... i wouldn't worry unduly... But make sure you are very detailed about every little thing you do no matter how small or what you might think insignificant... because it all counts when filling the form in ...Deep Breaths - Plumbob

  • I would not worry to much as they should not stop paying you if your conditions have not improved the only thing that could change is mobility side. As they have changed it from 50 metres to 20 metres distance with out severe discomfort. So make sure that you take that into account. Also it is not the good days that cause you problems only talk about the bad days. They are the ones that affect your quality of life.

    Good luck and Be Well

  • I think Plumbob is right they are taking a long time and PIP DLA ESA all in a mess due to Atos I had a home assessment some weeks ago but nothing yet although I do think its work making a copy of any forms good luck

  • Thanks for all your responses folks :-)

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