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I have just finished admiring the photograph belonging to jimmyw123, an amazing and vibrant garden in spite of his bad health. It makes me feel such a fake when I am sitting here doing absolutely nothing at all.

I feel fine if I am sitting down and sucking away 2Ltr. of oxygen a minute but the slightest movement, particularly a trip to the bathroom turns me into a heart pounding wreck that's gasping for air and waiting for the fear to go away, and that's living in a bungalow without even the worry of stairs to distress me.

Somewhere though I am missing something. You all seem so capable while I myself am incapable of completing even the simplest of tasks like walking from couch to dining room table then waiting to several minutes to get my breathing sorted so that I can eat my meal.

A few years ago when I was at the hospital for radio therapy I looked in at the ward where patients were being treated for COPD, the wheezing and the coughing was terrifying and I can only appreciate how easy I have it compared to some of the people I saw that afternoon.

I realise we are all different and I know that my condition is deteriorating but has anyone have similar symptons to mine?

For those that say being SOB does not hurt.

Well I don't know about you but In my opinion it hurts like hell when you are fighting to get it back!

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One of the biggest things to do apart from stopping smoking, is exercise.

Have or can you be referred to a pulmonary rehablitation class.

Which is one hour exercise and one hour education.

I am stage four, lung function of 24%. I completed my course last October, and have continued exercis ever since. I am still short of breath but with more controll, which in turns allows me to a little bit more. You are right you will come to no harm being SOB, but there is a line, and when crossed becomes very uncomfortable. Still do it quite often, but am now more able to controll and avoid, ( most of the time)


So sorry to hear how badly you are suffering from sob and can imagine how frustrating and upsetting it is for you. I have periods of very severe sob when even turning over in bed makes me breathless but I don't have it all the time. But when it's bad it's totally incapacitating and walking across the room is a chore. Do steroids help ? Or nebs ? I've found using Symbacort and now Spiriva is helping me a lot. So I've experienced symptoms like yours but only for periods of a few weeks at a time. I really, really hope that you get sone relief soon.


You are not alone. I have just cooked the dinner and was very SOB, which resulted in my language shocking and my frustration and temper least said the better.


Hi eighty plus ,

You are definitely not a fake .

l have read some of your previous posts which have been positive , inspiring and full of empathy for others.

I remember reading one of your posts and feeling moved.....wishing that I had even one half of your skill with words. You may well be sob but your intellect is obviously still a powerful asset.

I think that in view of your past health problems and indeed your age you are entitled to take things a little easier and indeed have a bit of a moan now and again .I admire your independence.

I really hope that tomorrow you feel a little better . Although the sunshine is lovely the heat has been quite tiring even for people half your age.

Cheers Coastal.

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I am very much like you sweetheart xx


I have spent months planting , pruning , feeding , weeding, watering and generally faffing about with my garden and it is nothing like the standard of Jimmy's horticultural spectacle.

In fact i have just discovered that caterpillars are gradually eating their way through everything. Think they are the larvae of moths and butterflies attracted to a lovely budlea shrub I planted last year.

Still the fresh air and exercise has probably done me some good .


I think Jimmy's garden has left us all feeling a bit inadequate :)


You are not alone I am currently in Spain trying to sort out my late Mother's stuff - she was a hoarder - I have to pay someone to help me as physically I can hardly get to the bathroom yet alone move stuff around - but am ok when sitting that sometimes I forget .... until I move then heart pounding - lungs gasping all frightening and so frustrating and depressing - the heat here does not help either and everything is taking much longer than I thought - and I have had 3 infections since I've been here (in 7 weeks) - people do not I think realize just how debilitating and depressing this disease is - anyway take care - know you are not alone xx


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