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Salt pipe ( Day 14 )

Well its been 2 weeks now and I must admit I am feeling much better in myself, mucus in the morning is quite easy to expel which in itself is a great benefit, not used my inhaler much over the last 2 weeks and on the occasions I have had to use it I have only needed one puff.

I am not saying it is for everyone but for me it has been very beneficial and I will continue to use it daily. I have also read that caffeine is not good for people with copd, so I have started to use herbal tea, mainly camomile and honey, mango and cinnamon and lemon and ginger (which is lovely and spicy )

2.5 litres of water a day to keep hydrated, and peace lilies and ivy plants for purifying the air. Started to do some tai che exercises to keep active it also helps with breathing.

If anyone has any more suggestions please dont hesitate to let me know.

Hope everyone is OK


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I have a salt pipe,but nurses wont let me use it..I did not realise caffeine was bad for you with copd so I will be giving the herbal teas a try.

I will have to try the plants too ,if all this will benefit my breathing I will give it a try..

Any more advice gratefully received!

I find water with lemon in helps loosen mucus...Take care Laura...


Thanks Laura, I will try lemon in my water ♡♡


As was said on another topic, be careful in terms of hygiene, though. As I recall, you cannot sterilise the salt pipe mouthpiece? (Perhaps they have improved it, though, and it has such a detachable item? If so, be sure to sterilise (using 'Milton' or such like) at frequent intervals).


Hi csrothwec, the salt pipe is a sealed unit, so I use little sanitising wipes fron the chemist to keep the mouthpiece clean. But thanks for the thought. T


Hi btown, keep it up your doing great. In my younger days i am now 68 I used to run marathons and half marathons. Weekly training doing a total of 90 to 110 miles a week I enjoyed. Then I broke my ankle and tore the tendons off the bone on my left leg. That stopped me running, I later was told by my Doctor that I had COPD, as you can Imagin that put the mockers on my running for good. After a long time ( about 20 years rest ) I have started to run again, it's only a matter of 4, 120 yard stretches with a walk in between along a country lane to allow me to get my breath back but it's a start and I intend to increase that. The sky's the limit, I am thanking the salt pipe for helping me to expell the mucus and put me back in a sport I love.




It sounds too good to be true, but I'm going to give it a try!


Hi Btrown

Have you found this clears the mucus in your sinuses as well? I find this very hot weather this is my main problem, then I get a sore throat through breathing through my mouth which in turn usually leads to a chest infection.

Keep well



Ask your doctor for Sterimar. it is pure sea salt nasal inhaler and is good at clearing nostril's safely 100% natural.


Thanks tomc, will do that - never heard of it but willing to try most things.

Take care


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