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Salt pipe ( Day 8-9 &10 )

Than you all for your kind words, so to continue, day 8 no mucus in the morning and did not use my inhaler.

Day 9 no mucus again in the morning had one puff of my inhaler but I think this was due to the heat.

I am surprised that for 2 days I have had no mucus to cough up in the morning this in the past has always been my worst time, I have had no breathlessness and feel quite well.

Day 10 no mucus to cough up again this morning, THIS IS GREAT, not used my inhaler today.

Thanks for your interest, speak soon. T♡

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Great news. Thanks for update. I have one and not sure about whether to move cover off hole when breathing in?


I have just bought one and it says to leave plastic cover on


Hi juliekay, no dont remove the cover just breathe straight through dont foget to exhale through your nose ♡♡


Thanks for reminder


That's great news keep it up.


Oh dear, I removed mine and must have thrown it. Oh well, I have started to use it again. Hope it will still be beneficial.

All the best.


Hey BTown I've been meaning to write and tell you how much I've appreciated your posts on the salt pipe. I immediately got one ( a Cisca one) on your first post and it has made an AMAZING difference to my (admittedly mild) COPD. After a week's use I have stopped using all my meds. I'm swimming daily as well, and building up the number of lengths, so it may be the combination that is so effective. But it is a magical device and really no bother to use. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I too have been increasing the number of houseplants I have, and I've cut dairy products from my diet - there seems to be a lot of evidence that they increase mucus production. x


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