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Finished exercise rehab n loved it!!!

Never in my life did I think I would do (what I thought) was boring exercise !!! I was very fit in both ways!! Always been very active dancer,skater walker outside work,model,life was hectic ,health club,only in Turkish bath would be where I hung out,in the pool,but any proper exercise thanks . I have been going to a local pulmonary with a couple of physiotherapists ,I've enjoyed every minute of it,building up my muscles again after sitting about for a couple of yrs not being able to breathe or go out,not having supportive surgery rules and restrictions on what med.or inhalors u r allowed to have .i developed depression and huge anxiety, took awhile to sort things out ,but I have benefited through the struggle ,I have had the best care for me,and no asbo's.

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Well done rehab is so important to us it helps with you core strength any think that's makes you move is good for you keep it up helps you stay one step ahead of the illness in joy it and well done again .

Glad to hear your exercise went well, I'm not long diagnosed with COPD do you have to go through nurse or doctor to go to rehab thanks. Angse


Ask your nurse or doctor to do pulmonary rehab they will get you an appoiment you can ask to see a breathing physio they will show you how to get more air in and to clear you chest very good for you but you have to ask for everything and push for it most important thing is to not worry about anything just do what ever you can do

Good look

I asked the nurse at my surgery as I hadn't been offered anything you seem to have to ask for everything and the rehab course was so informative I ended up asking for an xray and a spacer and got it good luck

Fantastic news! Keep up the good work. TAD xx

I agree with others comments in respect that you really have to ASK for anything/everything as IMO the medicos in general aren't good communicators & seem to assume everyone knows what they need.

I only found out about PR from researching copd online, so there was some delay before I was able to get a referral for it

Hi Colours23 what a good post, its so good to hear your positivity and enjoyment.I dont think I have ever heard any negs re PR all who go benefit hugely.Well done happy days keep up with your exercises. :) Janexx

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I'm still waiting for my appointment for PR so it's good to hear your positive experience thanks.

as someone who is waiting (3mths) to go on a PR course, I was encouraged to read your positive report. Like you, as well as being unable to do much due to being breathless and fatigued all the time I have started having panic attacks and also get depressed. Although I have a good doctor who does what he can by the way of drugs and inhalers I feel that given the chance I'd like the opportunity to do something for myself. I'm hoping the PR course when it comes will benefit me. Thanks for sharing xxx

WOW! That's fantastic. I am a big fan of exercises. Isn't skating an exercise?

anyhow, I hope you carry on with them>

Here's a series you can do at home to unglue yourself from the little screen!

Very strangely, I get cold in the evening, even through this hot spell. But the breathing exercises help.

Keep going! Cheers, Mic x

Hi Colours23. Good you discovered the joys of exercise. It is invaluable to those of us suffering with our lungs. I have Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) the prognosis for which is death 3 to 5 years from diagnosis. According to that I should have died last year but...I am still here-in the end stage but still here. I am convinced that this is in large part because of the regime of exercises taught us in a nine week Pulmonary Rehab exercise course. Everybody else other than me and one other suffered COPD and one guy I got to know there was an ex Royal Marine Commando, now struggling on two walking sticks. What an inspiration. We all thought the course was great and the nurses and physios were sent from heaven.

But then it was over! The team, desperately overworked, moved on to the next group and we were on our own. The British Lung Foundation would give us no help but wanted us instead to set up a Breathe Easy group. This is fine if you want a social group with tea and cakes with a speaker thrown in. But no exercise. Something to do with our old friends ‘Health and Safety’ I think.

So we went it alone and with the help of a physio who knew the PR routine, got the local authority to give us a room in the gym section of the Sports Centre and allocated an hour a week of two trainers to organise the PR exercise routines. The trainers knew exactly what to do and it worked very well and also gave us the chance to relate to one another and support each other. It cost us £2 a week for all this and the trainers were over the moon that they were learning new skills and helping us so much. Sadly in this time when the NHS is slowly falling apart we might have to wait forever to enjoy such as PR. Sometimes we have to get dug in and start pushing for these facilities ourselves to get anywhere. It doesn’t always work but we have to try. Fortune favours the brave.

I firmly believe that exercise has been more useful for me than anything else. Good on you Colours23 for raising this issue.

well done Colour23, really happy you had a good experience of PR.I find the services provided by the NHS to be sadly lacking when it comes to them making PR available with lots of people having to waste valuable time waiting for a place. There is a massive gap in the knowledge of many health professionals when it comes to providing well informed advice and information re exercise, diet and nutrition when dealing with IPF and similar lung conditions . Good for you setting up your own after PR service I am sure all concerned will benefit and enjoy a better quality of life.

My first pulmo was less than encouraging when I explained I was doing my best to stay fit by working out as best and as often as I could manage, he more or less implied I was wasting amy time as it would not help. I continued working out despite his put downs. I have IPF which was DX in 2009 and have only recently gone on to using ambulant O2. NHS dieticians have little or no useful advice to offer when dealing with people with lung conditions, the physiotherapist I spoke to when seeking advice about the best form of exercise was equally unhelpful.

A search of the net brought up a guy called Dr Noah Greenspan who is based at the Pulmonary Wellbeing centre in New York, he is running a joint PR project along side the American Lung Association and boy what a difference in attitude. Dr Greenspan believes in a wholistic approach to PR he looks at the effects of medication what its prescribed for and how best to take it, he advices on diet and nutrition, depression and anxiety management, and puts together individual exercise programmes. This man lives and breaths his belief in the power of exercise. He has put a number of videos on to youtube have a look folks I don't think you will be disappointed. As for me I hope to get involved with the man either through distances learning or visiting NY.

good luck and best wishes Colour23 keep the flying for us gym buddies.

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