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Dupoytrens contraction(hope that's the right spelling

The little finger on my right hand had bent at 45 degrees but having copd ruled out surgery My GP had heard of e new treatment which was an injection into the tendon that had tightened, it was then wrapped up and the day after i had to go back and have my finger manipulated until the tendon popped, one of the drawbacks was that your skin could tear, my skin being fragile did just that. It is now 5 weeks soince the procedure and my finger although not perfectly straight i can now wash my face without poking myself in the eye. I would recommend this procedure, just be patient with the recovery time.

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Hi tatekka glad that worked for you.

I have been putting off seeing the doctor about my middle finger it is bent so much now that I have trouble holding a glass.

Can you tell me, was it very painful to have done, I am a wimp when it comes to pain.

polly xx


I had surgery for Trigger finger & Dupeytrons at the same time . There was no suggestion of Anaesthetic - I had a nerve block ( that went into the shoulder ) & then a local anaesthetic was put into the wrist so the whole of my right arm was dead from the shoulder down .The whole procedure took about 45 minutes - one hour & I chatted to a nurse the whole time . It was day surgery - no problem . Hope no one will be put off having this done .


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