Hi everybody just a quick question.My daughter has had her first appt at the Brompton,she asked me why they looked at her fingers and then her elbows? Well as far as the fingers are concerned they look for clubbing but I havnt got a clue as far as her elbows are concerned.Can anyone enlighten me at all please,thank-you kindly.

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  • Hi there flibberti strange isnt it Ive never had my elbows looked at.Yes you maybe right I guess we will find out when she gets results back on 4th August,she said they took at least 2 armfuls of bloods lol !

    She couldnt sing their praises high enough said how kind and helpful everybody was and how convenient and close the departments were for xray etc.Also when she goes back on 29th July for tests they have managed to organise her echo,full monty lung function tests and her ct scan all on the same afternoon,just a brilliant service.Hope you are keeping well flibberti? :) Janexx

  • I don,t know about the elbows but I have clubbing to my fingers which was caused by liver failure,it seem many things can cause clubbing.D.

  • Hi farmerD yes Ihavnt a clue and havnt found anyone else who knows either.I will ask her to ask the cons what he was looking for when she goes back.Thanks for your reply :) Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs sorry to hear your daughter is not well, I went to see a specialist he tested me for Lupus he looked at my finger tips but can't remember if he looked at my elbows although he did look at all my joints. I have many symptoms of Lupus and they are not nice I hope all goes well for your daughter. xx

  • Hi onamission yes it would seem she has fibrosis on her lungs and the start of copd.She initially went to gp thinking she had started an early change! She has suffered with breathlessness for a while now but was told this was due to her being anemic as that is one of the symptoms.We couldnt have been more wrong poor kid.Roll on the 4th August when she will get a proper diagnosis and go from there.

    So do you have Lupus ? not nice I understand.You have more than your fair share of problems,doesnt seem fair sometimes does it?

    Stay well and breathe easy :) Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs I don't have Lupus but many symptoms of Lupus painful joints like flu, tired all the time, bruising when I have been in the sun are just a few.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for 4th August I do hope she gets to see a good specialist let us know how she gets on. xx

  • longlungs, I haven't got clubbing - I did a long time ago. But my nails grow weird, not well in the middle and form a V shape. I meticulously file my nails and put a moisturising cream on them - Nivea , and on my elbows which can be sore sometimes or scratchy.

    I have tried argan oil, this is a bit like almond oil but more expensive! But it leaves you with a lovely feeling. I used Botanics from Boots when they had a base oil with Roman chamomile and Lavender. They stopped doing this particular mixture, so I'll add some essential oil in argan or almond oil. Hope she gets on alright!

  • Hi helingmic yes I too suffer with dry itchy hurty elbows and need to moisturise.I didnt know if the docs were looking for a tale tale sign of something re her lungs like they do with the looking at our finger nails.She will have to ask when she goes back to the cons.Hows you doing at the moment helingmic? :) Janexx

  • Probably looking for any pain, as well as physical signs like rashes and nodules.

  • Hi Jane, sorry to hear about you daughter, hope everything goes well for her, thats one thing you did not need, sorry jane. regards Malk.

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