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is the email genuine?

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I got an email from Healthunlocked and I was not sure if it was real as I would of thought it would of come though my HU mail box?

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I was just thinking the same thing offcut as my e-mail didn't come through the usual route !!! If the site could let us know I would be more than happy to complete the survey !!!

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Offcut in reply to Plumbob

I have seen on other forums that they are filling them in but I had a very good phishing email from Paypal clone and as a security ideal I would of expected one in my reg email and the forum message.

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Suzy6 in reply to Offcut

Snap I did too offcut a couple years back. It nearly fooled me.

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helingmic in reply to Offcut

Dear Offcut, A long time ago I had phishing in the guise of Paypal wanting me to update my account and clicking on their site. I did this, but I never had any money in Paypal, After 3 phishing emails, and 3 clicks I did think it was funny. I changed my password on Paypal and have not replied to any recommendation to upgrade my account any more. My bank told me about those phishing. So I am cautious now.

I also had a phone call with an Indian woman who told me she was a Microsoft technician. she tried to get into my computer and told me that it was bugged. She would repair it if I send her £345! I told her she must be joking and put the phone down.

Whenever they phone and ask if they can talk to me, I say no! and put the phone down!

There was a chap who told me he was from the local authority. I told him I was the king of England and put the phone down!

A late phone call form some dodgy person, I told hum that he was a crook. he said no! I said he must be to make this sort of phone calls, said good bye, don't bother me any more ! and put the phone down!

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Offcut in reply to helingmic

The best thing to do is hover your mouse arrow over their email address and it should be the same as what is on the form 9 at of ten are not even close and are using hacked web sites. You can ring Paypal on a 0800 number if you have concerns they are good and polite and confirmed to me it was fake email.

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helingmic in reply to Offcut

Thanks for that Offcut!


Is it asking you to complete a short survey regarding the forthcoming launch 23rd July.

If so it is genuine, I also recieved one. Yesterday and completed survey.

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Offcut in reply to stone-UK

if they are linking it to facebook with all their data farming on I will not.

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stone-UK in reply to Offcut


It is not linked to Facebook .

If you wish you can follow healthunlocked on.




The incident you mention was over two ago, and is no longer allowed.

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pergola in reply to stone-UK

What is tumblr, pininterest etc. I get confused!!! I do know FB, tough for the photos.

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stone-UK in reply to pergola


Tumbir is a social media site, similar to Twitter and Facebook .

You can follow healthunlocked if you wish to or others?

Hi Offcut,

I received the same email yesterday. It was asking me to complete a short survey about how to promote health unlocked to the wider community, and around the world. There were 6 questions to answer. I did reply back, and never gave it a thought. I am worried now. I am trying to remember if it asked for any personal details such as a phone number or not. I'll need to go back and check on it. It would be good if someone from HU let us know for sure. hugs xx

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stone-UK in reply to huggs

Hi Huggs

No personal details where requested apart from your E-Mail.

The big launch is 23rd July.

Are you excited?

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huggs in reply to stone-UK

Hi Stone,

Well, it sounds good, but then again so did the new layout at BLF, and you know what I think of that.! ha ha. In the survey I did state in which ways I would be prepared to help. Only thing is that I have now forgotten what they are, apart from the fact that I said I would put up posters in relevant places. I volunteered two other ways in which I would help, but as usual forget things so quickly! I wouldn't say I was excited, more like cautiously optimistic. As long as they don't change any more site layouts!!! It seems to be the season for doing that. A number of sites I am on, have changed, and my befuddled brain has not completely recovered from my recent seizures yet. Oh well, I can always ask you if I get into any difficulties!

Hope you are well. hugs xxx


Just recieved a Tweet back from healthunlocked confirming E-Mail and contents are genuine and safe.

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Offcut in reply to stone-UK


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huggs in reply to stone-UK

Hi Stone, thanks a lot for info. Its put my mind at rest now. hugs from Huggs xxx

I,m glad this has been mentioned,I got one and went ahead and did the survey as it did,nt ask for anything personal.Then I forgot all about it.i,m old school and don,t trust the intermess much. Lol D.

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