Oh! Well (*^%*&^)

Well that's just about right for this Damp, Dank & Soggy Part of North West England, Apart from The Emphysema & Asthma playing havoc because of the pollen count and ever changing weather, my Ticker telling me it's on strike and not playing the game anymore, the old Arthur ( arthritis ) trying to cripple me and my Cretin ( pancreas ) kicking off cos' I had Rump Steak the other night and enjoyed chomping on the fatty bits, Blood sugars out the window cos' I made a Sticky Toffee Pudding & Treacle Sauce for Nin (Anna) and wolfed a rather large portion down with Wall's Ice Cream, Now all that is par for the course, BUT!!!!!

It's been a beautiful few days for once, and I've just watered the Pots, Planters and the Hanging Basket and the bleeding heavens open. There just ain't no Justice anymore LOL :D :P :O :)

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iamnins... Are you trying hard to live dangerously? or is it a one off ? LOL go for it , why not? lovely to have a little of what you mustn't have especially if its naughty :) when you're being naughty take a little care coz by what I read in you message that you are on your own ....As you say ( I ) a lot and not(we) I'm on my own and if some thing were to happen there's no one to scream ...So take care enjoy it blessings ....

Don't worry Oxy, iamnins is not on his own, he has got me iam-iamnins-nin :)

Okily dokily..that's good enjoy ya life ....

Thanks we do try

Life aint fair!!!, iamnins. My usual fret - I have never conquered the art of using smilies??

I can't do them, snap pergola

colon then right bracket :)

Smiles' is easy

:) colon + closed bracket

:( colon + open bracket

:D colon + capital D

:P colon + capital P

:x colon + lower case x

:O colon + capital O

there are others but not all work on the BLF Sites

Happy smiling :D

Az & Nin

Thanks for posting these you two, I know the basic smily, but not all the others. Now i do. Poems. xx

Your very welcome :)

I thought you had it figured a long time ago that life frequently stinks LOL. Could have been worse - the ice scream might have been a puddle :D xx

Nowt wrong with melted icecream and treacle sauce, all gooey and delish, hows things scrob's,

az & nin

Ish about describes it LOL

Hot(ish), foofy(ish) and ouch(ish) but apart from that I'm fab! An exotic Solero has my full attention at the moment, yum yum :) xx

Careful Scrobs ya know what happens when ya's get carried away. It'll be those little men in white coats again. Lol good to see ya still got a sense of humour, :D can I have a lick pls, :P ;)

OOh, I love a Solero, very refreshing. x

Wot no custard? If you must go the whole hog make sure the crackling is crisp. Glad you are still enjoying the good life. Ready for the race round town on electric conveyances yet? D :)

Been there, done that, mowed down a few pedestrians and aisle hoggers in ASDA just for good measure. And the cra kling is always crisp and salty lol,

Tonights repast is Braised Lambs Liver in Onion gravy with Runner Beans, Carrots Vichy and Butter & Parsley mash.

ps. Wot happened to the Magnums we were promise yonks ago

Delivered tonight so on their way x

Just landed, cheers will enjoy lol :P

help gotta eat Iamsnin mmm Braised lambs liver what's Vichy? and parsley mash hmmm mm mm nothing wrong with that good food . give a little live a little and a little of what does ya good :)

Vichy is :-

sliced diagonally and drizzled with clarified butter

simples' lol

I say you can keep the rump steak, but would love a piece of sticky toffee pud with ice cream. Could you remove the calories first, they keep fighting with my steroids and they always win. Hope your both OK.


Hiya TEDTHEBEAR, Dunno about the calories, not come across sugar free sugar or a weight watchers icky toffee pud yet, and don't think it would taste right with Hermeseta's LOL :)

Nins the proof in the pudding so to speak, but I'm not complaining, Heeheehee !!!!!

Az & Nin

I'm with you there, did the same. LOL

Cornish ice cream. ...then double cream poured over top. Hmmmmmmmm and to finish off ...seconds. !!

;D :D

Hooray it worked!:D :D

Now try the the wink semi colon + closed bracket, good for the girls LOL nudge, nudge, now wot I mean ;) ;)

Love listening in on you guys. I've just had a week on the isle of wight, went to visit an elderly aunt. I'm 78 she's 90.

Seem to have spent the week consuming fresh crab , whelks, various puddings and red wine. She spoils me rotten but I can take it.

Good wishes to all. Breathe in Breathe out

Love the Crab, Wine and Puddins' but never been keen on whelks, but any other seafood, luv it

whelks are my favourite, but with garlic mayonnaise, not vinegar.

sorry just not my cup of tea, but if it's garlic mayo then it's gotta be Escargot's or Periwinkles Mmmmmm!!!!! ( S**t on a stick ) LOL Luvvly - Jubbly :P :D ;) Oooops! Nin's looking a bit green around Gills HeeeHeeeHeee !!!!!!! :D :O

Az & Nin

I used to be like that with Garlic, green around the gills, only tried escargot once stuffed with garlic, never again!! But now I love garlic, so will try escargot again, one day.?? Visited the Garlic Farm on Tuesday while on the IOW. Bought Chilli sauce, Horseradish, Mayo And chutney all with Garlic. Trying them one by one, reckon I must have a certain aroma by now. Stink!! Haven't tried Periwinkles for years, know what you mean about on a stick, they don't look particularly appetizing

No they don't look the best do they, but taste great when ya can get them fresh of the prom, them and brown shrimp, straight off the boat on St Georges Quay at home, think they were about 2d a pint when I was a kid,

Az & Nin

that's done it, must have home-made Fish,Chips,Mushy Peas and a Pickled Egg for tea tomorrow. Lol :d

I like the sound of that, ours comes from the Chippee, but now it's usually curried sauce instead of mushy peas. Beggars can't be choosers

Erm! The Fish and chips have got competition, our lad spotted Faggots while we were shopping this afternoon. So it's a 50/50 as to what hits the plate tomorrow. I think we should put it to the vote.

I'm right there with you. But it was a nice meal, eh? Enjoy now, pay later, and all that...

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