Pulmonary rehab

I am starting a 6 week pulmonary rehab course on July 7th. I was asked at my induction what I hoped to gain from it. I said

Just to regain a bit more mobility without feeling breathless and strengthen my leg muscles. I don't want to run a marathon or run at all just walk 100 yards without having to stop. Am I being overly optimistic. I am 70 but until about 2years ago was reasonably fit

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  • PR is the best place to start....you are monitored and so your fight back to fitness starts there. It will be good, rest assured. You need to go w ith a positive attitude which you have. You will struggle to get back to how you were...age has it's toll....but you will get a close to it as makes no difference. In the mean time, start thinking about how you are going to maintain the progress once the six weeks is up....there will be no time to sit back and think about it. Even if it means walking around a large supermarket or indoor shopping centre when the weather is bad...make plans. Gould luck and enjoy it.

  • No you certainly are not. I'm 71 still waiting for an appointment. You will learn a lot of useful tips and information. When the course is up still do exercises at home. I do exercises twice a day and my stamina and muscle strength has improved. Enjoy it. Please come back and tell me about it. xx

  • PR is brilliant. I did for several years - once a year. Before I started I was afraid to walk anywhere, for fear of becoming breathless. Some years later I have no fears about walking. I work out in a gym 3/4 times a week. Without the PR which gave me confidence I would not be as fit as I am today. And I'm 68!

  • I don't think you are being overly optimistic - it really changed my husbands life. The exercise you will do will all be monitored and I think you will be surprised at the end of the six weeks what you will be able to achieve. The very best of luck! TAD xxx

  • Thank you all for that. I am really looking forward to it now

  • My husband started his PR course last week - and he's 74 with severe COPD, heart failure and peripheral vascular disease!! I have been attending the classes with him and we both enjoy it. There is no pressure to do anything more than you feel you can cope with and the respiratory nurses watch people to make sure they're not overdoing things. We have both learnt a lot in just 4 sessions - as well as being taught the best exercises for people with lung problems, there are talks and discussions as well. My husband had misgivings about the course but he's now looking forward to the next sessions. I'm sure it will be really helpful to you.

  • Hi y'all!

    I'm most gratified to read such positive & encouraging stuff about PR, as I'll be starting myself in 2 weeks time.

    Thanks so much to all respondents for your input

  • Fanatic great place did me a world of good I was 48 when I did mine it will make you feel a lot better than you do it's good , good look

  • don't be satisfied with anything less than lung regeneration

    it is happening to some from exercise


    ron Peterson ronpetersonperson@yahoo.com

  • CouncillorB

    Go for it, I finished my course last week, feel better, activity has improved, walking improved, overall a success in everyway. I'm 78 going on 16

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