a dopey joke for huggs [honestly i wasnt the man ha ha:) ]

an elderly man [not me ha ha,,oh no no] is driving down the M1 when his mobile rings,

Answering it, he hears his wife on the other end..

"Albert" she says "please be careful when your driving back, i just heard on the radio that there,s a maniac on the M1 ,,,,,he,s driving the wrong way!!!"

"its not just one" albert says,,,,,,

theres blinken hundreds of em :)

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  • Thank you Jimmy. That was very sweet of you to put a dopey joke on just for me. Its a good one too. LOL I bet you were that man! Ha ha. Thanks again, and I might put something on later. Its a mixture of trivia, fact and humour. Got you wondering now! Take care, hugs xxx

  • hi huggs, its just a bit of fun, ha ha, off course i wouldnt do anything like that,,,,im worse!!, forgetting this, that and the next thing ,the latest example was a hospital rheumy o/p appoint [what day is this again ? lol:)] on wednesday, it was a second appoint, the first being cancelled by a lung infection in march which was 10.30. am, but the new appoint was made by phone, which i wrote down on a card for 4,20pm wed. off course i put the card on top of the original appoint letter, i only saw the 10.30 on the letter, and went then,, to my shock i found my appoint was not until 4,20, luckily for me they took me early, i think they felt sorry for me lol.,,,yes huggs you got me wondering now [nearly put" wandering" ,ha ha] what you will come up with,, och its nice to have a laugh at times:),, take care huggs [and dont copy me ha ha]

  • Hi Jimmy, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I fell asleep. Your joke was too much for me to handle! ha ha ha. Only kidding. This pulmonary disease carry on is really exhausting isn't it? See what you did with your appointments, I have done similar things. I think you must be some distant relative of mine or something, because the strangest things happen to me. People are always laughing and saying, "it could only happen to you". I'm too tired just now to think of something recent but I am sure something will come to the forefront of my alleged brain soon! Remind me to tell you what happened with my spirometry test, and what happened at physio. I'll tell you tomorrow. Back to bed now, night night and sleep tight. take care, hugs xxx

  • i did the same huggs, fell asleep for less than an hour ,,,then never slept all night,,,really worn out now, wheazing all night long,, ill remind you about your sprom test, and you remind me of my colonoscopy:) take care huggs,,jimmy xxx

  • Hi there Jimmy nice to see you about hope your well?Enjoyed this joke a lot reminds me of my father driving us to London to his place of work having not driven in London for some long while, I was a young girl,"I will take the short cut" he announced" to get away from this bloody traffic ,we're take the next right! Well things had changed since his last visit,we turned right my dad couldnt get it into his head that this road was now no entry and we were driving against the traffic and everyone was blasting their hooters at us! :) Janexx

  • Very good Jane. LOL. I need a good chuckle today. Thanks a lot.

  • hi jane, nice to hear from you, xx

    yes when you read something like that, it often reminds you of a "real life" thing lol,, i can just imagine the terrified look on your face when your father was driving against the traffic,and the horns, hooters blasting out,, mind you,it could be very easy done.most places have changed so much in recent years, ,,i even get lost in asdas lol:)

  • I blame those sat nag's myself jimmy, they tell lies. :) . My mum once tried to drive to a friends place and had to go over a motorway but somehow turned to go anticlockwise around a roundabout and was stopped by a surprised motorist driving down the slipway into oncoming traffic. Luckily she turned around and did make it to her friends but never went alone again. Thank God!!!!


  • aye your right tony, their just plain liars, :) a few years ago i went to an address in london, ,,,,found myself in a dead end at a leisure centre,i finished up watching a womans football match,actually quite enjoyed it lol, they drew 9-9,,,,,good goals too.and plenty of them lol

  • Oh gosh,Jimmy,Jane,& young Tony,I'm still laughing at all your funnys,they're all hilarious! xxx

  • Great fun all and hope the weekend is good for everyone. Lots of love and take care. xxx

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