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New meds

Been back to work phased return for four weeks now but started coughing out of control last fri persevered till yesterday back to gp shes given me nasel spray and strong anti histermines to try alonv with my usual inhalers so far nothings on my lung so want to try keep off antibiotics if poss . Feel worn out but fingers crossed cough stays where it is upper airways and inhalers etc kick it . On plus note im losing weight now im more active yeeey . Hope your all enjoying sun allthough its not out much here today its lovely to have warmer days. Love judith xxx ps my lovely ex racer is enjoying me being back in saddle weve even been out for long ride

And started our schooling again xxx

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Gals to hear life is getting better ! Hope the cough subsides quickly. Lots of love TAD xx

Hi tigershay, I am sorry your cough has come back...mine has too...I was given antihistamines, Montelukast and atrovent last Thursday but no improvement so now back on the higher dose is steroids...seem to go round in circles. I hope your chest pain is better and glad that you can ride your horse again. My middle daughter loves riding , one of her borrowed horses is on Ventolin poor soul.

Oh its a pain ...gp had to come last night after surgery as i couldnt speak as so breathless tight chest. Shes ringing chest consultant today as normally when i was "asthmatic" id have week steroids and up inhalers and be ok but he says ive not got asthma but pievious consultant says i have! Poor gp is in middle and im suffering needlessly fed up ...horses are the eye of our soul xxx

Do hope you get it sorted soon.You wouldent think a diagnose of asthma would be to hard,your poor GP must get frustrated,being piggy in the middle!

Glad you've enjoyed some time with your horse,& congrats with the loss of weight.Take care,xxx

Thank you . Im a bit fed up now but cant do anything till gp speaks to him re plan forward. Im in limbo till someone makes a decision !! How two consultants of same area can come up with different diagnosis is beyond me totally !! You can hear my chest whistling without stethescope xxx

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