So much better,Mattcass

Hi Everyone I'm so glad to be back it's been a rough journey but with help of Fran and Indy, I had what I thought I would never get depression that and pain dont go together, Since i got Indy i have lost two stone and have a bit of a spring in my step and my son Mark gets Married on the 14th June and he has two things to worry about Now not wearing underwear with his Kilt and is getting obsessed with my Bestman speech, Stag weekend this weekend in Glasgow I might have a pint of Guiness or two or three, Hope everyone is a painfree as can be, There are a lot of newbies since I was last on here and my RA page.changed my profile to the other woman in my Life. Matt

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It's good to hear from you mattcass. :)

Hi Puff, Thank You.matt

Good to hear from you mattcass. Enjoy this Stag weekend and good luck for the wedding xx

Hi Suzy Thank You.matt

Hi Matt pleased you are back and things are on the up ,not long to your sons wedding, take care

Dorothy xx

Hi Dorothy Thank You.matt

Hi Matt so good to see you back and feeling good.

polly xx

Hi Polly, Thank You.matt

Really pleased to hear about your news. Hope things aren't too drafty for son!!! Why does he have to conform to tradition? Haven't been around very much. House moving and husband's ill health.

Thank You.matt

Hope all's going well for you Pergola, Brian and the move too. Sending hugs to you (I've just started the moving process too). Peeg xxx

So good to hear from you - lots to look forward to. Enjoy the stag weekend. Take good care, TAD xx

Hi Tad. Hows hubby.matt

If you had asked Sunday I would have said great !! But had a dreadful night Sunday worst for over a year up all night totally breathless but seems to have recovered! Onwards and upwards TAD xx

Really lovely to hear from you Matt. Good luck with that speech and enjoy the stag do. Await further news on the underwear!

Hi Peeg, Good to hear from you.matt

Long time since we heard from you Matt and it sounds like it has not all been pleasant. I am glad to hear things are looking up though, and Indy is beautiful! x

Hi Toci, Thank you 2 beautifull woman in my life how can I go wrong.matt

Two beautiful women and the best son in the world (we ALL have the best son in the world :p ). Enjoy the wedding. x

How lovely to hear from you again,we've missed you.Sorry things haven't been the best,but better times now! What a gorgeous other female you have in your life,does Fran get jealous ,ha ha! Losing 2 stone,is aretty good achievement,Indy is realy doing her job,at keeping you fit!

Have a wonderful wedding,I know how much you've been looking forward to it.your Son will be so proud of you, being his best man,don't worry about the speech,just be natural.!

Will look forward to seeing some wedding pics,

Love to you,Fran & a woof to Indy xxx

Hi Wendells great to hear from you how'w the health situation with you.matt

Hi mattcass so glad your feeling better your right depression and pain are not lovers they can make each other worse,but you sound like you have come through the darkest of the forest now well done I know thats not an easy one.

Your Indy is the same colourings as my King Charles Cavalier smaller than your breed but arnt they just wonderful to have around.My Bailey is naughty but nice I cant resist their beautiful faces those sad eyes lol.

Enjoy your two special days stag and the wedding enjoy it all and have a great time. :) Janexx

Hi MC its good to have you back, it sounds as though you have been suffering recently but hopefully you have come through the worst of it.

You have done an amazing job losing 2 stone, having done the same myself I know the difference it can make to your breathing especially on those inclines that we all love so much. It also makes it easier to do up your shoelaces don't it :)

Have a great stag weekend MC and don't have too many of those Guinness medicine things eh'. Your gonna make brilliant best man and your looking good for the wedding day.

With a bit of luck I'll be back on the transplant list by the 14th so it'll be celebrations all round :) :)

Tony Look after those 2 girls of yours. :)

So pleased to see you back on here. So much for you to look forward to starting with that Guiness! Enjoy xx

Pleased you are feeling better. x

Not long to the wedding now. Hope you're fighting fit.

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