this is a follow up from my previous question 2 days ago regarding ct scan results which was severe emphysiam

changes to my lungs

i have since been to the gp for some answers as my copd has always been mild then since last november

the spoirometry test has been normal lung function of 95% and lungs 6years younger than i am the doctor told me

i had nothing to worry about as my lungs function is normal i have no symptoms work active eat healthy and exercise

walk my dog miles but i cant help worrying when the scan says severe and the lung function is normal as anybody

experienced anything like this my gp has said i well be ok and live for many years with it i have stopped smoking

have my flu jab every year can anybody help me with this very worried

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  • Hi again Southend, At this rate you are going to worry yourself into an early grave! My response to your post today is the same as it was a couple of days ago. I know it must seem confusing when your scan is interpreted as severe and you are being told something which seems contradictatory. In real terms I think what it means is that you just have to be very careful with your health and look after yourself. By this I mean exactly what you are doing, you walk miles, eat healthily, work, and get your yearly flu injection. You have normal lung function, no symptoms and the Consultant and your GP has told you that you will live a full life span. FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I think that your scan results just mean that you have to be careful if you get a cold or some respiratory infection, and that you might be more prone to them. That's all really. Today I had my first social outing for around 15 months. It involved meeting my friend off the ferry which required a taxi, then we had a small meal and got a taxi home. I am now exhausted but so exhilarated as well. I had a great time, just doing something simple that most people take for granted. Honestly, please for your own peace of mind and quality of life just go and ENJOY yourself. If by any chance you are googling different conditions online I would advise you to stop because you will end up scaring yourself. Listen to the medical people. They have your medical history, test results and know you. You take care and please try and stop worrying so much, because you are in a great position health wise. I don't think there is anything anyone can say to stop you worrying. If you are really stressed then maybe referral to a councillor would help you to see all the positives. The best of luck to you and be happy. hugs xx

  • I was classified as very severe 3 years ago when I was first diagnosed. I try and do most things only a bit slower. I intend to live a normal lifespan and the way things are going I probably will, so please don't worry.

  • Southend I know we do worry about small things, but it does seem to me that you are worrying un necessarily about your lung results were worse than your are now many decades ago, and I am still active (ish) and intend to live a good many more years

    Just carry on doing what you are doing now, living a healthy lifestyle and I am sure you will live your full life span

    Take care Sohara x

  • Your prognosis is likely very good. I don't think you have anything to worry about at all.

    That said, something about the results you cite doesn't seem to add up: If the lung function you are referring to is your FEV1 being 95% of predicted than your lung age should be a few years older than your real age, not younger. You may want to double check your results if you have a printout.

    Regardless, I whole heatedly believe you have nothing to worry about as long as you stay away from tobacco smoke and other pollution!

  • Agree with all above other way my tests all came back normal range but my lung keeps getting infection ive just returned to work phased return following repeated infections since Dec. Ive picked up another one so back on steroids and antibiotics. I was treated as asthmatic for twenty years but told ive got chronic bronchitis. So keep well eat well and exercise to keep you fit to fight infection and use antibacterial wipes out and about xx

  • Fantastic news all of the above have said it all. You are doing the right things stick with them and enjoy life. Lock all your fears away in a very dark room in your head and have fun, that is what we are here for :)

  • If you can do all that and not have any symptoms then you have nothing to worry about. I agree with Offcut enjoy life and stop that worrying. The time to worry is if you do have symptoms of lung problems and need meds. Until then stop! x

  • For the life of me I can,t see what you,re worrying about.Most of us would love to be in your position.Relax and enjoy life,good luck!,,!D.

  • 95% lung function sounds like paradise to me, like winning the lottery or finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Of course you worry, we all do but with that level of lung capacity you can feel fairly confident in the future.

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