caught an infection from friends

Been going downward. I tried to cough up in the morning, but the feeling of heaviness stays with me. At 8 pm I am frozen, even if the heater is on.

I went to see my neighbour as I crawled to put the bin out. Her daughter was there and told me the heater was on all the time. As soon as I went back, I turned it on all day. That was much better, as during the night the cold tends to invade the flat.

I coughed up again in the morning, ate some Cornflakes, but I tried to eat lunch, there was a barrier in my stomach.

I am going to see the Blood consultant tomorrow morning (I'll try to take a sputum pot from the local surgery).

The next day, I shall see my chest consultant. I pray that he won't say like my friend who passed me his infection, "Oh it's only a bit of a cold and I'm not going to cough in your direction"! When you cough, you cannot direct the little droplets. He thinks it's ridiculous to take a sputum pot to the doctor!

I'll have to avoid church , coffee morning for a while, as there are a few "friends" who cough. They "pass the peace" shaking your hands ( with a few droplets of infection!!!)

I cannot eat properly, Cornflakes 're OK, but I tried a sweet and sour chicken, I felt a repulsion for it. Usually, I love the stuff! What should I eat?

Sorry to be so down after the resurrection of our Lord

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  • Oh, dear! We can so do without such friends as these. Try to eat a little of whatever you fancy, Mick. Do you have rescue meds, just in case? Fortunately you are seeing your consultant soon and he should be able to test your sputum and help if you need any prescriptions. Stay warm. xx

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling so down and poorly helingmic but do try to eat what you can whenever you feel you want to. Good luck with the appointments you have and do take a sputum sample along. Your friend clearly knows nothing about your illness so just do what you can for yourself. It is a continuous nightmare trying to stay well. Have some hand gel on you at all times so you can just use it when needed. Good luck to you and feel better soon. xxxxx

  • Sassy, I have some Vicks First Defence which I bought years ago. I hope it's still good. it says that it protect your hands against cold germs and other germs for hours! As it is foam, you have to shake it firmly

  • oh dear I'm so sorry Mike. Some friend eh. I am tending to wear a scarf these day if I know I'm going to see peolpe & pull it up fast if some one nearby sniffs, coughs or sneezes. (Sneezes travel at 70 miles an hour)!

    Have you got any soup in the cupboard? Even a packet of crisps is better than nothing.

    I really hope you feel better soon xxxx

  • Oh sorry you are poorly. We keep an electric radiator on very low in our bedroom when nights are cold to keep chill off. It does help me. Try to eat a little of something or have you any drinks like Complan to help keep you going. Let me know how your appointment with your Consultant goes. Drink plenty.

  • Heart goes with you Flibberti. Suzy Complan and me are two very different substance! I think they discontinued in hospital to replace it with Ovaltine, which my stomach won't bear! Flibberti, I've just ordered chicken soup, little deserts like strawberry trifle, some other little cream that are easy to swallow. I like cottage cheese - I forgot the radishes! I shall also indulge in small milk loaves. You can come and have a hot chocolate with me! (at a distance though, I don't want to spread my 70 miles an hour droplets!)I've also taken some Paracetamol to fight this dreadful cold feeling; yes, it works, because I'm now too hot!!!

    Thank you all for your sweet concern.

  • I don't have a TV in the bedroom either. In fact, very often, I find the TV too overpowering when I am in this state. I prefer to read. At the moment, I am reading the life of Alexandra David Néel. She became an explorer to the horror of her parents.She was also quite a feminist, saying she disliked what was dangling between man's legs!

    I do have an electric blanket and 2 duvets. I like a pretty cover with flowers which makes me think of Summer. It's so dark tonight. So I sit up on my frame and two pillows side by side, so my head doesn't roll sideways. I shall carry on reading Mrs

    Néel escapade into Tibet!

    Sweet dreams all! I don't seem to cough just now. Must be the friendly atmosphere!

  • What a shame Mic. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Try and not worry too much about your eating as you are seeing your consultant soon. Whatever you fancy eating just take it, as anything is better than nothing. If you have any health supplement drinks then take these. Maybe eating small snacks or portions is better at this stage. If you have not already, take yourself off to bed or lie on the couch and watch TV. Something that you can get engrossed in. I don't mean to get on your case, but maybe you need to be a bit stricter with your friends, and not let anyone near you who has an infection. If they are true friends they will understand. We all have to be so careful about infection which is easier said than done, but there is no point in inviting it into your home.! Wrap yourself up in a duvet or blankets and keep warm. Hope you feel better soon. Take care. hugs xxx

  • Huggs, you're full of good idea. I have a dozen bottle of Caledonian naturally carbonated water by the bed! The bed is really soft and I can engross myself in reading when I don't flop into a doze. You are advocating a life of leisure which I do like, he,he,he!

    I think I could indeed walk with the duvet on! Come on, tomorrow I must get dressed properly to see my blood consultant. Wish me luck! Tnaj you for your great advice to a great life!

  • Hi again Mic, You'll be ok now. Anything Caledonian is bound to help you. You could always wear a tartan bonnet and scarf to help warm you up if you get cold again, but mainly to reinforce the Caledonian theme. Enjoy your book and get plenty of rest. Good luck tomorrow and let us know how you are. hugs xx

  • with paracetamol and Caledonian water I'm better. I have another chance to explain to the chest consultant tomorrow how I feel and give him this essential sputum sample.

    A long time ago, I bought a tam o' shanter. My mum loved it so much that she kept it when I went to see her!!!

  • So sorry to hear your poorly, these cold snaps don't help any off us in here. Do get the doctor and I hope your soon on your way to a recovery. Can I suggest you may enjoy some yogurt, toast just try to eat something so you don't make your stomach bad as well. You need something even a bar of chocolate if that's what you fancy.

    Take good care of you

    Gentle hugs xx

  • Sandra, for the last few days, I had made some home made rye and white flour bread. Unfortunately, I read somewhere that the term pumper means fart, and Nickel is the old Nick. That was indeed what happened! I've stopped making this, although the taste was really delicious! Ah well, I'll have another go later with some more conventional bread. Back to Sainsbury's milk loaves!

  • Hi I really hope you are feeling a bit better now. I find when I am ill I can only eat plain food. Try chicken or tomato soup, toast and anything which is plain. This has less chance of upsetting your stomach. x

  • So sorry to hear of your troubles,hope by now you're feeling a little better.

    What about putting a few chicken wings in the pot,with onions,plenty of garlic,carrots,let it boil,then simmer for a while,with a bit of dry chicken stock,when cooked add egg noodles crushed,a simple dish,but nourishing & nice & light.Just freeze into small containers for later.

    Do take care,& be firm with so called friends! Hugs, love Wendells xxxx

  • Do I recognize an old Jewish recipe for all ills. I do like chicken noodle soup Wendell. I'm a bit too lazy to make it all myself though. Hope you won't mind if I eat the synthetic supermarket version! (I know, not the same, dear, dear!)

  • Aww poor you, what a time you are having. Some people think we are nuts, weird or eccentric the way we all try to avoid germs but they don't have the constant infections and feel terrible. I too have been passed a corker and my chest is so heavy, it feels like I have breeze blocks with someone sitting on them but I can get nothing up which I find quite worrying. I am freezing absolutely chilled to the bone and shivering. You keep warm and have lots of hot drinks and small light meals ( soup, scrambled eggs, omelette, custard) cause I find I get quite breathless having to chew. Let us know how you get on at the Consultant. Very best of luck.

    Lesley Anne x

  • Hi helinmic

    So sorry to hear you are so poorly. Drinking as much water as you can is important, it helps clear the infection. You need food just as much, boiled eggs, a tin of chicken soup, (or any soup you like) simple plain foods are always best when you are poorly. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Take care Jimmy.x

  • Awe Mike I am so sorry to hear you are feeling poorly - think you have had your fair share without this on top. Hope you soon feel better and good luck for tomorrows consultation.

    with love cx

  • Good night Mikey, I do hope you're feeling a little stronger today.

    Good luck with the consultant and perhaps there's an M&S shop in your hospital? There is in mine. They do some very good pots of soup, tastes quite home made and lasts in the fridge. There's a nice chicken with whole grain one, got old fashioned barley in it.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, this is far too soon after the last bout. xxxxx Peeg

  • Ha, Peeg, I am a regular Sainsbury's. So I bought the cream of chicken loads of tins form there following your suggestion. No! Kent and Canterbury have a Costa, but I favour The League of Friends, because they provide a lovely service to the hospital, buying expensive equipment. their little shops is equipped with lovely ladies you can chat to, even if you look as if you'd been bombed out! Cheers!

  • Thank you all for your lovely concern.

    I did see the chest specialist yesterday (Wednesday). I told him that I had the same sweating at night time that I had when dx with mycobacterium TB. He said it was a possibility, but he wanted to see the evidence. I gave him one sputum pot well filled! he asked me to produce 2 more in the next week or so.He prescribed ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice a day and told me to report to him if things weren't improving within 7 to 10 days.

    I still sweat at night, not great fun to dry, change at 2 and 4 am!

    I have joined a singing for Health group. I heard about it at a Rethink meeting from the lead occupational therapist for Kent. Rethink is for carers of schizophrenic patients ( as is my wife) so this lady talked about it for mental health. But when I mentioned COPD, she gave a resounding yes and gave me the details of a group in my area. I'm going to try! (Has anybody got a good tuning fork?!) Cheers.

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