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Flying Anxiety resulting in a Chest Infection?

I recently flew to Lanzarote. I am a very anxious person when it comes to flying, so much so, that I missed my 1st flight out there. I rang the Doctors on the way back from my missed flight, and he told me to take Lorazepam for the next flight. I managed to get on the next flight out, but still white knuckle riding in the process. However, I felt really rough for the next couple of days after that. Sore throat etc. I have Asthma and Bronchiectasis.

On the return flight on David Camerons' Plane I hasten to add, lol, I had 3 Lorazepam, and the 1st 2 and a half hours of the flight was dreadful. Turbulence galour!!! The staff sat with me, and they were excellent. Can't fault Ryan Air at all, but since I've landed back in the UK, I have developed a chest infection. I am due to have a gynae op on Weds next week, but not sure if that will go ahead now, but my question is, Can Bad Anxiety bring on a chest infection?

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Hi Kirsty,glad you made the flights,even with a hiccup on the way! Good on you for facing your fears anyway!

I doubt if anxiety would give you a chest infection.My amateur guess,would be its from the flight themselves.You have to remember that the airconditioning,is spewing out everyone's germs etc.some flights are better airconned than others if that makes sense! But it is a fact,that we are breathing each others germs. Anyway,just a suggestion,take care,Love Wendells xxx

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Hi Wendells,

Thank you for your encouragement on facing my fears. I wish I didn't have to though, lol.

I guess being a low cost airline, they probably wouldn't have any real air conditioning or filtration going on inside the plane. Maybe I'll have to look for alternative types of travel!! It's to dangerous to keep getting these infections!!

Thank you again, and I hope you are well? xxxx

As Wendells said, its more likely from the air conditioning on the plance. An interesting fact i gleaned from QI is that air was much much cleaner on flights when they allowed smoking on board...

Now they don't have to clean/filter it as well.

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I heard this too. Thanks for reminding me. x

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A bit late now for you Kirsty, but I always take some First defense when I get back from a flight

Did you say that David Cameron was on a Ryan Air flight? that actually does surprise me I would have thought he flew at least business class

Hi Sohara,

I've just bought some first defence today. Probably a bit late to take it now I guess. lol.

Yes, David Cameron was on the RyanAir flight.

I spoke to the stewards on board, and they told me that they had been hand picked by the boss of Ryanair, as was the pilot, so they could have the best flight and best landing!! So almost business class. The seats were leather too. lol. x

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Hi Kirsty I agree with everybody too defo the aircon unfortunately.I also heard that the air is not cleared enough anymore since they bought no smoking in.Well done for going on the plane still not easy for you very brave of you. :) Janexx

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Yes too late now for the first defence. But at least you have it now for next time. Impressed about david Cameron :) :)

Hi Kirsty I dont think it is the flight on its own I think it is a combination of things. traveling at strange times of day, fitting in food and medication in and around flight times then being atthe top of a mountain for 5 hours breathing in lower density of oxygen. then dropping back earth and having to walk silly distances with a suitcase and bags. then there is the stress of it all have I got everything, am I going to stay well, then usually you either end up sat next to the family from hell whose kids just love to scream poop nappies or just generally be annoying for the next five hours or some grumpy old fart who you are not sure if you can wake up when you need the loo. I am beginning to think the back garden is better. Enjoy your breaks maybe some where closer to home?

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