UK Gov Sats on Bronchitiasis Chronic Lung Sepsis

Here are govermeant SATS its nice to see some are asking akward question in parliament ., also the antibiotic stratergy group are going to publish there report.

If your like me .. a never new there was a antibiotic strategy group .. lets just hope the not rationing them


Jim Shannon: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many people were diagnosed with sepsis in each of the last five years. [193760]

Dr Poulter: Relevant information requested is provided in the following tables. It is provided two different measures-‘provider spells’ and ‘finished consultant episodes’.

2 Apr 2014 : Column 662W

A 'provider spell' is essentially a hospital stay, namely the period between admission to hospital and the discharge from hospital of a patient.

Such provider spells comprise of one or more 'finished consultant episodes' (FCEs), each of which is the interval of care under one consultant. Patients with sepsis may be transferred between consultants and so finished consultant episodes may double count the incidence of sepsis, as one incident of sepsis could be treated by more than one consultant. For completeness however, both sets of data are presented as follows.

The total count of provider spells with a mention of sepsis1 in any episode in the last five years is set out in the following table:

1 Admissions with a diagnostic mention of the following: A39.2 (Acute meningococcaemia), A39.3 (Chronic meningococcaemia), A39.4 (Meningococcaemia, unspecified), A40 (Streptococcal sepsis), A41 (Other sepsis). The codes for sepsis in the table are those that ONS uses for the counting of deaths from sepsis.

Total count











Source: DH analysis of Hospital Episode Statistics (HES).

The following data are the numbers of FCEs.

Count of FCEs1 with a primary or secondary diagnosis2 of sepsis3, 2008-09 to 2012-134.Activity in English NHS Hospitals and English NHS commissioned activity in the independent sector

Count of FCEs











1 Finished Consultant Episode (FCE)-a finished consultant episode (FCE) is a continuous period of admitted patient care under one consultant within one healthcare provider. FCEs are counted against the year in which they end. Figures do not represent the number of different patients, as a person may have more than one episode of care within the same stay in hospital or in different stays in the same year. 2 The number of episodes where this diagnosis was recorded in any of the 20 (14 from 2002-03 to 2006-07 and 7 prior to 2002-03) primary and secondary diagnosis fields in a Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) record. Each episode is only counted once, even if the diagnosis is recorded in more than one diagnosis field of the record. 3 ICD 10 Codes for sepsis-A02.1 Salmonella sepsis; A22.7 Anthrax sepsis; A26.7 Erysipelothrix sepsis; A32.7 Listerial sepsis; A40.-Streptococcal sepsis; A41.-Other sepsis; A42.7 Actinomycotic sepsis; B37.7 Candidal sepsis; O85.X Puerperal sepsis; and P36.-Bacterial sepsis of newborn. 4 HES figures are available from 1989-90 onwards. Changes to the figures over time need to be interpreted in the context of improvements in data quality and coverage (particularly in earlier years), improvements in coverage of independent sector activity (particularly from 2006-07) and changes in NHS practice. For example, changes in activity may be due to changes in the provision of care. Note: FCEs are likely to higher because more than one consultant may be involved in the care of one patient. Source: Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), Health and Social Care Information Centre.

2 Apr 2014 :

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  • Certainly looks as if incidence of sepsis has gone up, but maybe awareness has too....perhaps more people are being diagnosed than before....don't know. Last year I was diagnosed with the symptoms of sepsis when I was in Wales then I went back home to England and admitted to that's me down twice I guess.

  • Hi knitter yep cheers looks that way DEFO looks like things are getting worce.

    Even best estimates taking into account doubling up .. and maths not being my bag thats 12k a month

  • hi just wondering by any chance u could give me some help and advise about copd my mum has been diagnosed with copd she also has an infection on her lungs as well as pneumonia type 2 respiratory failure and pleuritis she is aged 67 years she lives with my dad who is also in a bad way they both live in a maisonette flat and are finding it difficult my mum has been admitted to hospital with in the pass week I know it is a bit of a long question but any information that u have that may help me I would be so grateful ie help an support and just some guide lines really on how to help my mum be more comfortable thank you look forward hearing from you

  • Reply to Sharonclaire from knitter (below)

    Hi sharonclair, if you ring the BLF helpline they can advise you, they are open from 10am during the working week. Can you write your query again in the Question or Post box and then maybe more people will see it and be able to help you to make your mum more comfortable. Best wishes .

  • Hi sharonclair sorry to hear about your mar .. pneumonia is a 4 stage infectious process GOOGLE that.

    As far as your mother a would as others have said give BLF team a call or email also act as your mothers advokate and make appointment to see her GP then you can discuse treatmeant care

    Hope that helps

  • Hi sharonclair, if you ring the BLF helpline they can advise you, they are open from 10am during the working week. Can you write your query again in the Question or Post box and then maybe more people will see it and be able to help you to make your mum more comfortable. Best wishes .

  • Makes interesting reading Daz and hope something is done. Thanks for the post. Take care. xxxxxx

  • Hi sassy59 is quite shocking number's involved .. On lighter note just seen this very good

    It said i was defective LIKE really its telling me something a don't know .. was just about to kick off and discovered it was talking about vitamin B12

    Cheers thanks

  • Very good Daz. Made me laugh. Take care xxxxx

  • good post and read on vitb12,thank you,wishing you well,xxx

  • Very interesting Daz. Figures going up so much. Good that it's being talked about more publicly now.

    Dr Penny ....... From BLF often in papers now or on radio 4

  • Hi peeg agreed yer follow BLF teams facebook page .. Its just all this asbestos stuff need to make headway in now

  • I had three times of illnesses, two chest problems. But the chest consultant was off, so I saw the heart consultant replacing the chest one. Then the chest consultant came back and took over. His junior doctor pointed at me being diagnosed positive for Clostridium Difficile. so I must have been Finished by three consultants!!! I know I still didn't feel too god when I went home, and was seen by the hospital to home team. The junior consultant reappeared and seemed to take the decision. so that was a fourth on, even though it was the same junior. so I am fourthly Finished!!! It feels like it too.

    When I enquired about benefits, they said I hadn't been 28 days in hospital, so they won't dock any. Thank goodness for that, that would "finish" me off altogether!!! Reference: FCE!!!

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